Christmas project finally finished (pic)

jennifer_in_vaFebruary 8, 2012

I've been working on this rather simple table runner for mom since before Christmas. It's not really difficult, but my mind hit a roadblock, and then gall bladder surgery, then holiday shopping & holiday....all contributed to it not getting done.

I finally got it done and gave it to her this weekend. Here it is on her buffet in their new house/dining room. If I feel inclined, I have fabric cut for another one which could work on their table, or maybe my table ;)

[Sorry it's not a great picture--it was 95" long]

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I like the simplicity of it. I bet she is thrilled. Nice colors.

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That's nice, Jennifer! I'm glad you got it done.


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It looks beautiful, Jennifer. I wish it were larger, so I could see the construction better, but I know it's hard to take photos of something that long. Nice colors, and good job for finishing it. Sometimes it's awfully hard to restart a project. I bet your mom loves it.

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Nice job, Jennifer. That's one long table runner!


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...rather simple table runner
Actually, it looks simply elegant!
Great choice of colors...they would go with any decor, I'm sure. And good for you for finishing it, rather than letting it sit on some shelf until next Christmas!

Thanks for sharing.


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I like your table runner. Looks classy.
Simple is sometimes best.


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Beautiful~glad to see your folks are moved in and settled in their new place.
I give gifts late, and I don't have all your responsibilities & excuses!:)

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