Color or white LEDs for dark pool? which brand?

Sandys_GardenJune 14, 2011

Hi there, we will be replacing the old sun-lites and vinyl liner in our 25 year old vinyl liner pool. Very interested in going with LED lights - mostly for enery savings but also becuase the old lights caused alot of glare. Since the new liner will be very dark, was wondering if going with the color changing lights (particularly the Intellibrite 5g) would be a waste since what I've read here indicates the colored "shows" may not be that great with the dark liner. The other question for you seasoned pros is that IF you suggest just going with the white LEDs, which wattage equivalent would you recommend? the pool is a 24x40 L shape (like 2 16 x 24s butted together)...the deep end is 8 feet. Also, have read so much about Jandy, Intellibrite,etc that I'm not sure if one is better than the rest. Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks, Don

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I should add that there are 2 lights and the pool is pretty much half deep - half shallow. One light is on the deep end aiming down the 40' span and one on the shallow end aiming down the 24' span - if that makes any sense...not sure how to describe. Thanks

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Can any of the pool pros help me with this please? much appreciated. Thanks

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Not a pool pro but I have a dark pebble tech finish on my pool and have the color led lights and we love them. I have never seen them in a lighter pool finish so I cannot really tell. Compared to the regular lights we had before they are not as bright but do provide enough light at night. Hope this helps.

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I prefer Intellibrite lights from Pentair.

As you know, the darker the finish the less the colors will show up.
However, below are two pictures of a Turtle Bay Pebble Sheen pool (very dark finish) with a pool size intellibrite light and a spa size intellibrite light.
We place the larger light in the main body, and the smaller light in the skinny swim lane wing of the pool. All the colors really pop with the 2 lights.

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