PB recommendation Suffolk County Long Island

twingleJune 28, 2013

Looking to build inground pool next season and need pool builders in Suffolk County NY. Thanks

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My friend lives in Shoreham and I am pretty sure he went through Swimking and was very happy. I can find out for sure if you would like, it was installed probably 5 years ago or so.

Where in Suffolk County are you? I grew up in Mt Sinai

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Thanks that would be great. I live in Smithtown.

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Swim King is an amazing company! They built our pool last summer.

Every single person who works there is great. When they say they will arrive at 8, they are there by 7:45. No missed or late appointments. Their crew ran on time with pool construction. They are one of the best contractors what we've ever used. I highly recommend them. Luke was our saleman and he was very helpful.

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I just wanted to add that their crew is all work. During construction, they worked non-stop. No fooling around, laziness, or even lunch breaks. They also clean up after themselves. Once contruction was over, they cleaned up the mess that the trucks left.

They have a showroom in Miller Place or Rocky Point on 25A. There is a pool in the back that you can look at. It's where the sales people hang out.

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How did you find their prices?? Can they do automatic covers and slides?? Thanks

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I just used lifestyle pools in lake grove for my new liner. Bob was recommended to me by my neighbor, who also was recommended to previous owner when he installed my pool. My liner had an immediate leak with new gasket placed at main drain, he sent a diver next day who patched it. I will be emptying my pool in fall when he will replace the gasket. I paid him the day before I realized it was leaking, and was happy with how he handled this. The liner installation is excellent, his price was also good. I know he does covers too. Good luck with your new pool.

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I'd say that they are similar maybe +/- $1,000-$2,000. It really depends what your pool consists of (steel walls vs concrete walls, type of bottom, type of steps, types of lights and how many, type of pump, and extras).

A couple of years before we finally put the pool in we spoke with a bunch of local builders...Arthur Edwards, Specht-Tacular, and Swim King. Price wise they are very similar but it really depends on what you're putting into the pool. You will see a big price difference in steel walls vs. concrete and concrete steps vs. vinyl. Plan on adding about $500 for each size increase. All of these companies are vinyl liner companies, not gunite. If you are planning on adding a heater and/or a jacuzzi, then the price increase is a lot.

I know from experience that Swim King can do the hardscaping and landscaping. They did our hardscaping. Hubby and I like to do our own landscaping. We hired our own electrician. From what I remember this is what we have:

26x48 free form
concrete walls and steps (extra)
vemiculite bottom (extra, I think)
variable speed pump (extra)
cartridge filter (included as is a DE filter)
swim out bench (extra)
2 LED lights (extra)
LED control panel inside house (extra)
4 returns (included)
2 skimmers (included)
salt water chlorine generator (included)
robot cleaner (not included but we negotiated this into the contract for no cost)
pool opening (included)
first pool closing (included)
lesson on pool maintenance (included)
winter cover plus gizmos (extra but not as much as a loop lock which I now recommend and will be getting)
pole with various nets for cleaning (included)

The total cost for just the pool was about $30,000 but we have a lot of add ons and our pool size is on the larger size of what they offer. Plan on spending about the same for for hardscaping (coping, patio) and landscaping when all is said and done. You can definitely get a cheaper pool from them but we wanted certain features. If you want a water feature or diving board it will cost more too and that price varies depending on exactly what you want.

Plan on $1,800 for electrical, $200 for permits, plus fence costs if you need another fence, pool alarm, door alarm, and any other security feature that your c/o will require. There are a lot of little fees that you don't think about but that add up quickly.

I really don't have a single bad thing to say about Swim King. Every single person we've dealt with was wonderful. My neighbors have an Arthur Edwards pool with jacuzzi that looks beautiful but I've heard other neighbors complain so you really need to talk with multiple companies and see which one you are happiest with. They will all come to your house and give you brochures. Also talk to your neighbors. My neighbors raved about Swim King and about 65-70% of the pools in my development are Swim King pools. Also when you pick a company, ask to speak with their former customers or even ask to see a completed pool.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thank you so much for the info. I will be rehabbing an old wood walled pool so Im not sure if I need permit or not because I already have one for the current pool. What are the pro/con of concrete vs steel walls?. How do you like the swim out bench I think I would like one ?

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I don't know anything about rehabbing an older pool. I'm not sure what the pros/cons are with concrete vs steel but at the time my husband wanted concrete. Most of the builders over here seem to be using or converting to concrete.

We love the swim bench. I remember one friend telling us that he regrets not getting the swim bench because his wife is always complaining that they don't have one. It's a fun feature. Everyone loves it. It's nice for relaxing on (sort of like a tanning bench but not exactly the same). My daughter's friends love sitting on it. Ours is in the deep end and it gives you a nice in/out in the deep end. You can put it anywhere, however. You can even get more than one if you want. I sometimes think it would be nice to also have one in the shallow end.

One thing that is in your advantage is that you already have the digging done. Depending on your budget you might be able to play around with what you want since excavation is part of the expense.

One thing tha I forgot to mention is that different pool builders offer somewhat different free form shapes. He differences are slight but if you have your heart set on something specific then that is something to consider. If you are getting a geometric shape then the offerings are pretty standard and easy to play around with. Another consideration is depth. Arthur Edwards was offering a deeper shallow end. Theirs is 4 feet whereas Swim King's shallow end is 3' 6". Having a young child, that was an important consideration for us. I also prefer the more shallow shallow end. Our deep end is 8 feet which concerns me for diving it we don't dive. Our friend dived and he was ok but it still makes me nervous. The pool builder might be able to play around with those numbers but it could change the cost due to material and labor increases.

I saw your thread about gunite. One of the biggest advantages with gunite is he ability to completely customize the shape. If you want a heart shaped pool, you can have it. With vinyl, you have to make sure your pool shape conforms with the forms or molds they use. Customization is possible but no where as you have with gunite. Gunite does need to be refinished every so many years...maybe 10 or 15 which is pretty much ow long a liner will last as long as nothing sharp rips it. Years ago when vinyl pools where only geometric, people who wanted a free form (lake shaped) pool either had to get a gunite pool or just deal with he lackof choices. This has really changed in the last 15 or so years. My daughter goes to a swim school that has a gunite pool and she dislikes the rough finish on it because she is used to vinyl. However, it's a commercial pool so there are probably a lot nicer finishes out there. I'd really love a pebble tec finish. I always admire those pictures on here.

I spent 2 months picking a liner because I loved the teal water color available with pebble tec. After a lot of searching I found one that I love. Swim King has it but its not popular because they said that people get scared when they see how much brown and gray is in the liner. However, once the sun shines on it, the water is a gorgeous teal color. If you have their liner brochure, it's the liner with pebbles on the bottom, and limestone bricks on the boarder. They are always sending people to our house to look at the liner because people have a hard time believing that those colors create teal water but they do. The pool also photographs beautifully when the sun shines on it. There are so man choices available, I just wanted to throw that out there in case this is one of the reasons why you like gunite so much.

You'd also probably love a salt water chlorine generator because you won't have that chlorine smell on you anymore. The generator creates chlorine but it doesn't contain the additive that is in chlorine that creates the chlorine smell. It also makes our skin so soft.

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