quilt theme for the 2014 Winter Olympics

lola99February 8, 2012

Did you know that the "look" for the 2014 Winter Olympics that will be held in Sochi Russia is based on a patchwork quilt?

I couldn't quite figure out how to show a picture of the banners or the quilt images in this post, but there are many websites and blogs that show it. Click here and scroll down to see some great pictures.

This blog has several links that take you to some great pages.

I loved the images and it makes me want to make a diamond quilt!


P.S. Thanks Kate for your directions on how to post multiple links

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Those are wonderful. I didn't read all the verbage but will later on. Does it say why the patchwork?

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Interesting! The banners are really colorful. Funny, but I don't think of Russia when I think of quilts, though I imagine they can use them!


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Very interesting. There very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

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Those banners are beautiful!
Browsing through the first link was fun. The theme is repeated everywhere...on T-shirts, banners, podiums, planes, trains, cars, walls...

2014 seems so far away, but I can understand that it will take a couple of years to prepare.

I just purchased a quilt pattern made entirely of diamonds...after reading the directions, I thought, "What was I thinking?!?!?" I believe the quilt is above my 'beginner' level, but after seeing the beauty of the Russian banners and such, I may drum up the courage and go for it!


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How cool is that!?! Our craft, up there on banners, t shirts and every thing else. Now I have to do some research on Russian quilters. Thanks for posting the link; I had not seen any of that.

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It makes me smile :-) I'm seeing more and more barn quilts around, too. Love it!!


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Quote from one of the links:

"This concept for a visual image of the Games in Sochi was based on the principle of patchwork. Such patchworks were an indispensable part of Russian peasants� homes. Over time, this technique became a widely acknowledged branch of traditional arts and culture. An interesting fact from Russian history is that Catherine, the wife of Peter I, personally sewed a patchwork for her husband as a gift.

Today such patchwork craft is known world-wide in countries such as Germany, Australia, the USA, Sweden and Switzerland which all have large patchwork collections."

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