February Accomplishments (pics)

jennifer_in_vaFebruary 8, 2012

Well, last March I started cutting fabric for Melanie's quilt. Those at retreat saw me start sewing them on Saturday night and working Sunday morning, feverishly until it was time to pack up.

I've finally finished the top!! It won't get any borders...it's already much larger than planned.

The pinwheels are 3-D and the hearts are done using a product called 'Texture Magic'. You stipple/stitch this product to the back of your fabric and then steam it. It shrinks up the fabric permanently. I then used the embroidery machine to embroider it in a heart shape to the quilt.

The prairie points will remain pointing in along the outside edge, stitched into the blue binding. I think I have enough blue left to back it as well. I'm thinking echo quilting around the hearts, but not sure what to do with the pinwheels, yet.

Might get it finished before her birthday in April!!

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I love it! Lots of texture!
Linda OH

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Very nice! It must feel good to be close to finishing it. :)


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Cute quilt, Jennifer. I've had some pink pinwheel blocks made up for a long time.....will have to get them out to refresh my memory what they look like cause I don't think there's a blank square for a heart. Will be great to see what you come up with for quilting. I'm sure Melanie will be disappointed if it isn't done in time for her birthday, or, maybe not. *grin*


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Very pretty quilt. I like the crinkly heart.

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You certainly have a lot of patience to make those hearts and 3-D pinwheels.
Pat yourself on the back, because you deserve it!


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How neat! I love all the dimension. I might have to try that shrinking fabric technique. I really like that.


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That's a cute quilt.
The added 'dimensions' make it interesting. I especially like the hearts.


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Her color & fabric selection and pinwheels are much prettier in person! This turned out really cute. You will have to bring it to Retreat.

After you use the Texture Magic - is the fabric soft & how much smaller do the motifs (hearts) shrink down to?

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I started with a 4" square of heart fabric, stippled it to the Texture Magic and then steamed. The product says it shrinks about 30%.

The product stays on the fabric, and isn't quite fabric-soft, but it's flexible. I haven't washed it yet, so we'll see. In the big picture, I don't think I'd use it on all baby quilts, and not in large amounts. But it'd be great for embellishing wall hangings...

I did like the idea of the tactile aspect to go along with the 3-D pinwheels on a baby quilt (though Melanie's hardly a baby any longer)

Oh, and you do the shrinking before sewing/cutting it. You simply stitch a line around your shape before trimming it so that you don't loose the puckering. I think they had a youtube video to show how it works.

Here is a link that might be useful: Texture Magic

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