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BB25June 20, 2012

I live in Bellaire and am looking for recommendations for a pool builder familiar with Bellaire. I'm also trying to decide between a salt system or chlorine with a Paramount Ozone system.

1. is Ozone really benefical and does it really allow you to reduce the amount of chlorine you use?

2. Anyone have good/bad experience with Sunshine Pools; The Pool Man, Cascade or Texas Pools?

3. Any advice regarding Paramount's infloor cleaning system?


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Salt systems are chlorine systems.

Ozone does not reduce demand, especially with residential pools.

As long as the Paramount floor system has solid pipe and the pop ups are will positioned and the orifices are the correct size, they work very well.


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Thanks, Scott. I have read a few of your other posts regarding ozone.Why do you believe it does not reduce demand in residential pools? I am looking at Paramount's Ozone system. Do you have any opinion on Paramount versus some other ozone system? Alot of material I am reading that promotes Ozone says that it dramatically reduces the amount of chlorine you use (50-70%), but you disagree for some reason. What is your basis? Have you installed and used multiple ozone systems without success?

I do not what traditional chlorine because my children have sensitive skin. I'm leaning towards salt because it's easier on the skin, but Ozone has intrigued me because it too is suppossed to be easier on the skin and eyes. Salt will eventually cause corrosion issues, but ozone does not really do the things its purported to do, then I will roll the dice with salt.



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Ozone will also oxidize free chlorine, placing an unneeded demand on the amount needed to be replenished.

It does not reduce the amount of needed chlorine in the water.


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I live near Bellaire, in Afton Oaks and am also getting bids from some of the same PB's that you were considering (Sunshine, Pool Man and also Paragon and Vollmer Pools). I was just wondering if you ever started your project and who you used and if you were happy with your PB. We were also considering the Ozonator and in floor system from Paramount. Did you end up using those systems?

Thanks so much for your feedback!! If you have any pics of your pool, they would be most appreciated!

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Ozone really doesn't benefit residential pools. It can help some commercial, heavy usage facilities.

For residential pools, all it does is add margin to the bottom line in up front costs service needs later on.

A Paramount floor system can be great or it can be a major PITA. I don't particularly like them here in central NJ and with California's ground shifts, I can foresee pipe breaks under the pool happening. I prefer to see people go with robots and sweeps.


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I have heard about the ineffectiveness of the ozone systems on this site. I was just surprised that all of the PB's that I've met with have recommended it with the chlorine system that we are going with. Too bad, we'd love to reduce the chlorine levels in our pool, but hopefully with careful maintenance we can do that.

Thanks so much for your input Scott!! You have taught me so much about pools on this site. I really appreciate all of the time you put in to educate us.


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Happy to be helpful to others. Please get a quality test kit like a Taylor 2006-K series or its equivilent,the TF-100 from that includes the FAS-DPD free/combined chlorine test. This is for the safety of your guests, family, and yourselves.


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