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tracik3June 28, 2012

Hi, all! I'm new here. I have been lurking for a few months but first post.

We just put in a bid on a house that has a pool with a liner. They said there was a new liner put in 6 months ago. Well, at one place it has come undone from the capping. I guess that is what you call it. Its about a 5" gap. The realtor said that the pool would have to be drained some and the liner stretched to fix it. Is this right and would this be a problem in the future? I kind of think the owners put the liner in because there is some wrinkling at the bottom. Or is this normal for a liner? Thanks so much for any help!!

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It should be a easy fix without seeing it I can't be sure without seeing it. Make sure they install liner lock to keep the liner from doing the same thing.. Now for the wrinkles how big are they and is the yard sloped toward the pool in anyway. If so there is a possibility the liner has floaded from underground water and caused the wrinkles and the liner too come out of track...I would have a pool pro take a look before I closed the deal....

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We absolutely are going to have the pool inspected before we sign. I don't think the pool is sloped. It looks pretty level. From what I can tell its not bad but it close to the area where the liner has come undone. Its like 3 or 4 smallish wrinkles but enough that I noticed it.

Now, I'm wondering if we want the house at all. UGH The house is facing East and there is no shade under the patio in the evening.

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