missflippinsFebruary 23, 2012

What is your opinion about what the best (most appropriate)batting would be to use in a quilt that will be washed very frequently, and endure a fair amount of rough handling?

Many thanks,


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I use the poly batting that comes by the yard at Joann's and other places.It holds up very well through washing.JMO

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It depends on who will use the quilt.
I've learned that you shouldn't use polyester batting for children's (especially babies') quilts because of the lower flash point. Polyester will melt in a fire.

I would definitely use a 100% cotton batting in a child's quilt. (Higher flash point than polyester.) Can you tell us what age person this quilt will be used for?


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Julie, this is a quilt that will be used in the TV room, so it will be washed a lot. It is going to be basically a practice quilt which is the largest project I have done so far. The only batting I have used is 80cotton 20 poly. There will be no babies or children using this quilt - unless, my youngest GD who is nine is visiting. I have read that bamboo is a good batting, but at this point only know what the 80/20 is like. Corinne

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The bamboo is great but expensive. For the family room quilt I think you can't go wrong with the 80/20.

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O.K....good...not a bed quilt for children.

I've used 100% polyester before, on lap sized quilts, given as gifts for adults. It gives the quilt a nice poofy look, and is very light weight, and SOFT!!!

I'd also like to try Kate's idea sometime, with the 80/20.

Looking forward to seeing your "practice quilt" when it's finished.


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I found that the 100% poly batting actually will flatten quite a bit over time, and not look as puffy.
I prefer 100% cotton for the way it last over time with frequent washing.
I have also used 20/80 and it looks OK.
I think this is one of those things you need to experiment with and over time will find what works best for your use.

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I used to only use 100% cotton but lately I have been using the 80/20 and also 100% poly, but recently did a small table topper with 100% cotton again, and liked the it better with FM quilting. I think that will be the factor with the next project that I plan to quilt.

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I love my Warm and Natural and use it in all my quilts and it has held up very well. That said, I also have some quilts made my my grandmother with polyester batting and they have held up very well also.


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I am no expert in this but I like 20/80. It washes well and leaves a natural look to the quilt. Have used it most for quilts in the past.
I have learned that wool is wonderful to work with and probable would use it mostly now if it weren't so expensive. I currently am using 100% cotton because I like the way that it drapes and feels..
I am not a fan of polyester, it doesn't give the "feel" that I like in a quilt. I have never had any experience with bamboo, it would be interesting to try.
In MHO it is the stucture of the quilt more then the batt that is important in how it will endure use if it is quilted as recommended.

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Thank you all for your opinions! I think Barbara is right and it would be best to try the others for myself. The 80/20 is probably a good choice, but I guess I'm looking for a little more puffy look, forgetting it's a quilt not a comforter.

The reason I was curious about the bamboo is that I have used bamboo fabric for clothing and I love it. I thought that the 100% cotton may tend to shrink more, but it sounds like it holds up well too with washing. Thank you again.

Best wishes - Corinne

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