What's up for the weekend?

msmeowFebruary 18, 2011

I have a 3-day weekend! Woohoo! And the weather is just gorgeous...warm and sunny with a nice little breeze. Maybe I'll move my sewing machine out to the back porch tomorrow!

I don't have any plans for the weekend other than spending quality time with Mr. Brother. What's everyone else up to?


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I sandwiched a QS quilt last night & have about an hour this afternoon to work on quilting it before I'm off to a scrapbooking retreat in Estes Park with girlfriends so no quilting until Monday. I need to get some scrapbooking done - my son is 25+ and I STILL don't have his baby pictures in a book so I am hoping to powerscrap & get 3-5 years done this weekend!
DS & DH are going to a hockey game tomorrow night & working on son's taxes ... good male bonding time!

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Have a guild meeting on Saturday, then will be home to do sewing as DH is working for the weekend. Should get lots done.

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I had purchased some fabric to make my son a Western-horse quilt and got those blocks cut and just awhile ago my husband brought in a mail package for me[I only ordered this 3 days ago] I was happy. This was some fabric I wanted for the sashing to go around the blocks so that is what I will be doing. They are predicting rain anyway here this weekend.

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I don't have particular plans, either. One son is in Knoxville for a Science Bowl competition (go geeks!) and the other is home for the weekend, mostly eating and sleeping in preparation for some serious 'hanging out.' I guess I will hang out, too, except with cooking and laundry thrown in to keep reality humming along, faintly, in the far distance. ;)

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I am going to work on a round robin quilt so I can get it in the mail next week. When that is finished I will probably work on the DWR again.
Linda OH

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I'm attempting to quilt a quilt for my very dear neighbor. It's kicking my behind, LOL.

She pieced it, and, well, square isn't in this quilt. Points are missing. Borders are wavy. Some blocks lay perfectly flat, but others are C or D cups, LOL.

And she wants a "puffy" quilt. So I'm using Quilter's Dream Puff batting. It really is puffy. PUFFY!! Sigh, very puffy. Trying to nail the quilt down to approximate square without losing the puff - ripping out and fabric manipulation is happening.

I may be bald in a few days. My neighbor is so totally worth the effort, though. She's been through a traumatic brain/spinal cord injury, and piecing is her therapy. She used to tailor her own clothing, but hadn't sewn for several years. She asked me to get her into quilting as part of her recovery. She's absolutely amazing!

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Mary, that sounds like quite a challenge! But puffy may be easier with a quilt pieced like that, rather than trying to get it flat. Good luck!

Found out when hubby got home that he decided to take Mon. off. His boss's mother passed away this week and the funeral is Mon. morning, but I guess I'll get to have him for the afternoon. Maybe we can actually DO something! Our usual Sunday routine is he plays games on the computer in the living room and I sew in the sewing room.


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Mary, I feel your pain. Deep breath, deep breath.

I'll be riding my bike outside for a change. Did some sewing tonight, will ride in the morning, trim some shrubs in the afternoon. and have the grands tomorrow night. I will sleep very well tomorrow.

Sunday is church, lunch with the boys, then a nap in the hammock.


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Well, remodeling the kitchen is underway...1 ton of tile went out, thin set removed last w/e and DH has worked on electrical boxes all this week. Cabinets come out for Habitat next Sat. That means the kitchen will be out of commission for 5 wks. (Panera's here we come!) New tile goes in Monday...yeah! I've have been reorganizing files and eliminating stuff just as if we were moving plus keeping the reg schedule of meetings and appts. I'm still sane, but tired...and so is DH. I do get to sew a little on the Mystery...the forever Mystery at this point...LOL
Y'all are here and that helps me alot! THX.

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Nothing dramatic going on here this weekend - thank goodness!

I finished the Bubble #3 quilt today and made all the stacked coins rows for that quilt. I'm taking my baby quilts in a new direction, color-wise, in the hope that they will sell in my Etsy shop. 'Course, I'll probably still do at least one quilt in the 1930's prints since I have such a big stash of those. Tonight I'm continuing my Northern Exposure marathon. It's been so long since that series was on I've forgotten just about every episode - so it's all pretty fresh and new and soooooo funny.

Tomorrow I need to do laundry and pick up around the house, but most of the time I'll be in my sewing room....ah, bliss.


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I am out in the g'houses working on spring orders. Yesterday was sunny, so it hit a hundred degrees in there and I had to vent it out a bit.

Haven't been doing a lot of sewing this weekend, trying to catch up on other stuff so I can get a block of time to quilt, uninterrupted. Ha! Like that ever happens.

I am pulling out a wonky pinwheel baby quilt each morning at the kitchen counter with my cuppa and finishing up the last rows of hand quilting the blocks just so I get a little done on it regularly and not wait until the last minute before the baby comes to marathon. Today, when hubby is at church, I did another couple patchwork blocks for a big quilt I am making to use up scraps. It hangs on the design wall and grows a little whenever I have some time to work on it and I am not letting it 'get to me' as I sometimes do when a quilt is in progress. It has a lot of blocks and it'll get done when it gets done.

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Friday I went to the dr. been having a lot of problems with my right thumb...she said I had aggravated the tendon..put me in a thumb brace and on prednisone..also took Jack (fur Baby) to the vet Friday said he has a virus..he got two shoot and some meds to bring home..had to take him back Saturday ..he got two more shots and three shots of fluids....he is doing a lot better today (Thank You Lord)..we also had two of our Grandkids..they spent the night Friday......I also finished the graduation bear.....

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What a weekend. It started with a surprise visit from my Denver son flying in supposedly for my birthday. Surprise was really at dinner when we walked into a room full of friends and all my kids and grandkids who had flown in from all over. Amazing. It ended with 93yr old uncle taken to ER when he passed out and we thought he was dead. What a night. He's fine and was surrounded by a family that included two law enforcement officers and one fireman. So, I had lots of help.

All is calm, Uncle is home and fine, and the last of the kids just left. What a whirlwind and I'm so grateful for a loving family. Needless to say, I didn't get any sewing done. Maybe next week.

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