Falling Charms

nannykinsFebruary 19, 2014

When I first saw this pattern, it went to the top of the "must do" list. I raided the brown box and this is what I came up with. I did cut the light strips at 2" not 2 1/2". And if I were to do it again, I would probably not be so OCD about placement. Maybe a random pastel colour way.
PS Do you ever say to yourself "Where did this fabric come from?" or "Why did I buy this? There was a lot of that going on.
Don't think I will add a border. It is already larger than I usually do for Charity quilts.

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Nice! I sometimes get too fussy with scrappy placement and drive myself crazy. LOL

And, no, I've NEVER wondered where a piece of fabric came from or why I bought it! :) (Can you hear my eyes rolling and my nose growing?!)


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Theresa, that's quite a handsome quilt. I think you're correct not to border it. Someone will be delighted with it.

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That's lovely. And, your binding will be a border.

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that looks great. nice even if it goes to a man.

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Very nice!
I never question why I purchased fabric...my problem is I'm hesitant to cut the pieces I love!

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That looks great, Theresa!


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Wonderful quilt.

Bev mentioned exactly what I was thinking. It's a nice pattern and great colors for a man. I'm always looking for quilt patterns that would be suitable for men.
The FC pattern is on my 'want-to-try' list.


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Lookin' good. It is a fun one to make. I really like it in brown.

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Isn't this a fun easy quilt to make???? It looks good in all fabrics!
I especially like how you set the charms -- very soothing & sophisticated keeping the pairs matched. I am going to try using the 2" strips next time I make it - thank you!
It is amazing how fast this quilt gets big -- skip the borders!
Great quilt.

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Thank you all.
Since I don 't have any one here at home to critique my quilts, I appreciate your comments.
Although this week, one son was home for business. I asked him if he could see a pattern when I had the quilt laid out on the floor. Yes, there is a diagonal. Mission accomplished!

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It turned out really well Theresa. Thanks for sharing a pic. Reminds me that I need to buy more brown fabric for my stash, before I start my Farmer's Wife quilt.

Best to you,

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Very handsome & elegant, nice job, crisp & clean. Maybe a nice brown binding, looks fabulous, some very lucky charity recipient will likely be delighted. Great job!

As to patterns good for men, I have to add Depression Blocks would be great for that too depending on how they're colored.

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