Mastertemp is dead, need rec for new heater, Please!

nypoolnoviceJune 16, 2013

So we had a Pentair Mastertemp 400. 3 1/2 years old. The tub holding the heatexchanger and burner rusted through, and the heat melted the manifold and the manifold baffle. I could fix it, but I think I'm just going to replace it. This thing has been nothing but trouble: new motherboard, temp sensor, pressure sensor, transformer. Always breaks right before a big party. I have to cobble it together with a minimum of leakage to get it to survive through a party on Friday.

Anyway, I need a recommendation for a new 400K btu heater, We use it a LOT here in NY. What is the best constructed, most reliable unit?

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I looked at a lot of heaters... I had a Raypak for 15 years and just replaced it with another Raypak. They use the least amount of parts you need to replace down the road. No combustion fan like you have on the Mastertemp and built to withstand the winter in cold climates.

I'd look at the ASME version.

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Thanks. I just looked at the Raypak design. Different than pentair, the Raypak is more like a traditional boiler. Seems simpler.

I have 2 end of school pool parties for the kids later this week. Last night in a total panic, I ordered a new tub and manifold for the mastertemp. 700 with fedex shipping. But Im going to still replace it this year because it really is a piece of junk.

Maybe i dont need a 400k btu. I have 20K gallons, 750sf, with a spa. The 400 was good becuase it heated the spa really fast, but maybe I could get by with the Raypak 333K. Anyway thanks for the recommendation.

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I've had a 333K and a 400K Btu heater.. And I can tell you stick with the 400K. The 333K will drop your heater output in half in most cases going from 2 degrees an hour (400K) to around 1 degree. And the price difference isn't much staying with 400K and it ends up being more efficient.

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Sort of the same situation as the OP, my pool was installed with a Pentair Minimax heater, 400k. It really was nothing but trouble. Very quirky.

Had a lot of hemming and hawing from the installers and Pentair service until one day right after the service guys left the thing caught fire.


After more hemming and hawing from Pentair and the guys who did the service, I self-replaced it with a Raypak ASME 400k heater. It's been in for 4 or 5 years now. No problems, no worries. Very easy to self-service.

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I haved worked on pools for a long time have seen every type of heater raypak is the best by far u will not be disapointed

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Any of you have experience with a Mastertemp HD? Any chance that it's better/more reliable?

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I believe the only difference on the HD model is it comes with a cupro-nickel exchanger. The electronics/fan assembly would be the same as the standard Mastertemp.

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Sounds right. Thanks.

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