Possible Leak in New Gunite

don_aJune 8, 2010

We are having a new pool built and the gunite was installed on April 1. It has yet to be plastered and after recent heavy rains, water and rust stains can be seen on up on the walls. Below are photos of this. If this is water seeping through the gunite, what are the implications and what are possible solutions. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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I had rebar flush with my gunite in a corner of my pool. PB sprayed something on it prior to plaster that looked like black spray paint. Two days after plaster I had a large rust spot They drained the pool to fix the rust spot and to re-acid wash since the bottom was splotchy.

I would express your concerns with your PB and possibly get something in writing stating he will fix any post plaster issues.

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I remember being pretty horrified to see like 8 wet spots just as you descibed all around our new shell. The shell was built during a drought so I was glad to detect this during the first big rain. The contractor for the shell that I hired of course assured me "Ahh, never mind that....the diamondbrite will patch that up".

Nevertheless, they tried chipping it out using mortar with a bonding agent and sure enough after the next rain that darned water came through with ease.

I read conflicting opinions online concerning shell leaking and if it could have been ignored.

e.g. http://www.pooleng.com/Water-Seepage-through-Gunite-Pool-Shell/av-35.aspx but then I read elsewhere in other posts which said that it is not intended solely to be the waterproofing membrane.

I really wasn't comfortable so I felt I should take matters into my own hands and after 500 bucks and a day of hard work I applied a waterproofing layer I found locally called "Nitocote CM-210". I applied it by hand with a brush. The spec sheet said it offered resistance to positive AND negative hydrostatic pressure (water seeping in or out) and because it was cementitious, the diamondbrite adhered to it without problems.

So far so good, I started the pool for a month now and have not detected any water level drops or rust stains to suggest penetration. Maybe I didn't have to or maybe what I did helped....I just wanted to know I gave it my best shot as an 'OB'.

Some pix (click for more)


Let me say I have enjoyed finding this site and I hope to 'give back' soon with a little write up with more photos soon.

Hope this helps.

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I personally do not see a problem here. Gunite and concrete by nature are pourous and will seep water. This is why you put plaster in a pool. The plaster itself is a water proofer.

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Gunite is porous, if the ground behind it is wet, it will seep.

Plaster is the sealant...

Do not put your own sealer on there, the future ramifications could be quite messy, I shudder to think of chunks not adhering correctly and later on coming off...

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Whatever you do, ** if you are using a plaster such as diamondbrite **, be sure when plaster day comes that (as said in the manual) 'all water penetration due to hydrostatic pressure is stopped'. The shell is dampened when it is applied but if water is seeping in during application, then surely this could lead to complications.

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My contractor decided to spray the Gunite shell of our new pool DURING a south Alabama monsoon. A portion of the shell collapsed and the crew gave up for the day. The PM says it's not a problem, that the shell can be fixed. I say BULL. If part of the shell collapsed, there are probably other areas weakened and compromised that can't be seen. Who's right?

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I strongly encourage you to start a new thread. Please include some pictures.

Pictures are easy to add. Create an album on Photobucket. It free. Each picture, when you hold the mouse pointer over it, will reveal 4 code options. Clicking on the 3rd option will copy that picture's code to the clip board. Control v will paste that code in the message box. Please, only one picture per line. You won't see the picture until you preview the post.


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