Pentair Retrofit Plumbing Question

flhomesJune 12, 2012

I am refreshing my 20-year old pool, including decking, Pebble Sheen, etc . I'm also thinking of springing for a Pentair Intellichlor system with controller. This is the 8SC-IC40 kit that includes Qty 2, 3-way actuator valves. I already have pump, Hayward DE filter, etc. that are in good working order. This diagram illustrates what I am thinking the new plumbing should look like. The items in red are the new parts, everything else is existing. This diagram does not show the heater, do not have solar panel, etc. I am also thinking to pick up an additional 3-way actuator, and use that to control between skimmer and vacuum.

Does this look right? Should I do something different?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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Heater? IC unit is always last.

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Heater = yes, just not shown. Here is what it would look like with 2 more 3-way valves. Does this look like the right way to switch this system?

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You may have to go with a Intellitouch controller rather than a Easytouch for this setup with a heater..

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Ok - thanks. I'll check into whether the easytouch can handle. Do you cascade 3-way valves like this to control your pool?

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Your plumbing layout has some issues.

The 1st actuator should select spa suction or pool and suction side cleaner.

The suction side cleaner line would need a spring loaded cover in the pool. It cannot be the sole suction capable line as your drawing depicts. Its a submerged suction and would otherwise violate the VGB Act. I would suggest a pressure side line or use a robot or an in-floor system.

The spa doesn't need its own, dedicated return. The spa jets can be left slightly open so enough return water can cause it to spill over.

Why doesn't the fountain have its own pump. The fountains and running the spa might be wanted at the same time. It also eliminates an actuator. You also implied additional water features via additional actuators. The fountain pump can be used there too. Just keeping it off the pool/spa pump adds a lot of flexibility.

Easytouch and Intellitouch can both do it with the cell power coming from inside. The Easytouch though, is maxed at four actuators, if I remember but that could also be just two. The on line docs aren't specific and I don't have my training docs handy to look it up.


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Thank you for you feedback! I hadn't thought about the fountain having it's own pump, but that is a really good idea. Should the fountain pump always get suction from the pool drain?

The side cleaner does have a spring loaded cover. With our current pool configuration and all pipes having manual ball valves, I frequently have all the suction off except for the side cleaner (using a robot). Seems to work well like this. I was thinking I would program 1-2 hours per day for the robot, and the rest of the time for the skimmer. Bad idea?

You are right about Easytouch being maxed at 4 actuators for the 8 relay version that I purchased.

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Quick followup question - what size pump would you recommend for the fountain - pool guy is calling this a sheer descent.

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All pumps, except for pool sweep boosters, should have their own suction. If I had, for example, a pool with a spa and a 30 foot waterfall, the waterfall pump would be a separate unit with its own suction. That suction can be floor drains, side wall mounted drains, or a channel drain. Always be mindful of the VGB act's requirements. Also note that side suctions can be a PITA to winterize and that the same drain pots/covers will have lower capacities because of the lowered velocity allowed.

Expect 10 GPM per foot for sheers. Any excess pump capacity should be sent to a dedicated pool return with a valve so only the desired volume of water is sent to the sheer.

The pump size will be dictated by the number of and size of the sheers.


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