Installing Aeratis (PVC porch flooring) and sleeper system

bostonsquirrelDecember 2, 2009

I am thinking of installing this material as the porch flooring for my Victorian house. It is a covered wrap around porch with a stone foundation. The instructions require a 2x4 crisscross sleeper system. What is this and is it necessary? I already have the joists in place and was going to lay the Aeratis planks over it.

Has anyone had experience with this product? I live in New England and was wondering how it holds up during the seasons. It seems to be similar to Tendura (now CorrectPorch) based on similar installation instructions which have me thinking they are the same product but different brands.

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I believe that the crisscross sleeper system pertains to 2x4 laying on the flat above a concrete slab and the floor joists above at 16' OC.I don't think that applies to your installation.
CorrectPorch and equivilent products run perpendicular from the home over 16' OC joists.Remember the 1/4' per foot pitch for drainage.
I've used this prodcut before.We used S/S 2' square head
trim screws - very time consuming. But a real porch look
when done.

Good Luck,

Here is a link that might be useful: My Album

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A criss cross sleeper system is typically used in a water proof installation or installation over a concrete pad. If the joist are 16"OC or less there is no need to even consider a criss cross sleeper system. If your joist are wider than 16"OC or you just want to change the direction of the boards because your framing is for a parallel installation, you could use a sleeper system. The sleep system would allow you to change your install from a parallel install to a perpendicular.

I heard that they were related too, but I did some research and found out that Tendura and Aeratis are totally different. Tendura was purchased by Correct Building Products who sold to GAF, while Aeratis is its own company. Aeratis has never had a failure so its probably you're most reliable porch flooring option. Its really becoming popular in New England too.

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In October, 2012, I decided to replace my tongue and groove porch flooring, I chose the composite Aeratis Traditions over natural wood to avoid replacing the natural wood every 5-10 years. Even though reviews were mixed, I shelled out the $3000 to buy the material for and hired a local craftsman to replace the porch. The boards were delivered to the site and contained a significant bow to them which my guy worked hard to straighten as he installed the boards.

About halfway through the job, he noticed that some of the boards were very slightly more narrow in the middle that on the ends. As a result, a slight curvature to the boards was occurring over time and a noticeable bend was apparent in the middle. I have taken my old protractor (remember those?) and have found a couple of installed boards with very slight variations in the center .See attached pictures.

I initially contacted Aeratis by phone and email but received no immediate call or email in response this issue. After a couple of additional calls, they sent out the manufacturer rep for the mid Atlantic area who examined the porch, spoke with my guy and took the pictures. It was apparent to him as the pictures show that there was an issue. Frankly, given the significant premium I paid for the product , I wanted to discuss what my options were at this point. I have made numerous inquiries to both the manufacturer and the manufacturer's rep and it is apparent they are now taking the position that it was an installation issue, a position they did not mention at the first inspection nor one they have ever put in writing.

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Thanks for your post... I contacted Aeratis about this issue... I felt I had to because I have made recommendations to contractors and homeowners about this product and i continue to recommend it... They put me in touch with the sales rep that went to your house. His name is Roy. I spoke with Roy to find out if it was possible that A) the boards were a different width and B) if the boards were a different width, if they really just left you out in the cold.

What i found out was very interesting... It seems that Aeratis like most manufactures, do not make a specific length of board. When the boards are manufactured, they are made from a constant string of product and they are cut to a length by a moving saw. The material never stops moving and it is almost impossible for multiple boards to be wider or narrower at a consistent point on any length of board. I also found out that Roy measured almost every board on your porch and he found that they were exactly 3-1/8" in the areas that you stated they were a different width. I also found out that they offered you some free boards for your porch if you had decided to take the boards up and fix the un-square boards on your porch.

I went through all of this with them because I take porch restoration and my work very serious. The products I recommend have an effect on my reputation. I have to tell you here, I cannot call foul on Aeratis. They visited your jobsite, they offered a solutions and on top of this, they offered to give you FREE board. I am not one to stand up for a manufacture, but it sounds to me they went above and beyond on this one for you..

I pushed Roy on this just to make sure he was not just giving me a good story so I would continue to use and recommend the product. He sent me the report and photo's from his inspection. I removed your name to not cause an issue...

Roy's email to the manufacturer STARTS HERE......I went to job last week, measured several boards, found consistent 3-1/8" widths. Porch is 10' x 32'. Traditions, painted.
Tried to lay down a straight edge / level and confirmed that most of the boards have a slight bow. They were installed staring at the right side (facing house) of the porch. It was difficult to determine if the starter board was bowed but from about 3' in from the right, the bow is apparent. To best see it, you crouch down and view from a position almost level with the floor. There is a very slight raised area about 4' in from the front edge, not consistent across the entire porch.

I spoke with Mr. Ssullidc who said he understands the holidays could delay a response from Aeratis but said that if, in a month or so, there is no response/ resolution, rather than go to legal methods, will publish a negative review on every web site dealing with Areratis. REPORT ENDS HERE....

sullidc, Posting negative reviews is a good way to get resolution with a stubborn manufacturer. It forces folks like me to call and question their business practice. However, when they have gone above and beyond to work with you on a mistake you made, seems to me you are not the one who should be shouting FOUL!

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