Can't FMQ and Breath at the same time!

ritaweedaFebruary 10, 2011

I have been FM quilting for the first time (a large piece) and was wondering why I'm tiring out so quick - then realized I'm not breathing while I'm sewing! I need to figure out how to relax, this is harder than I thought. I'm sewing on a quilt with a flannel backing and although I'm sewing with the back facing up to follow a pattern, it's heavy and bulky and hard to move easily. This one's gonna take awhile.

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Hang in there! I have only done small sections on large quilts but I know what you mean! Are you using gloves to help move it around? Or maybe a glass of wine to help relax you ...?
Sue :)

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I had the same problem at first. You might also notice you have your shoulders hunched up to your ears. If you try and let the shoulders relax down, it gets easier but wine is good, too.

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Hah! Love the wine idea but at 9:00 in the morning?? Yes I need to relax, haven't tried the gloves thing yet, maybe will tomorrow. I've done small samples before about 10 minutes at a time, maybe, didn't realize what doing a quilt would be like. I have a feeling my Aunt won't be getting this while it's still winter-time.

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Rita, the title of your post "can't FMQ and breathe at the same time" brought me my first smile of the day. One thing that really helps is music. Put some music on, something that you like....golden oldies works for me and you may relax a bit more. Since wine at 9 am might not be the thing, but then that may depend on who's in the house with you and what is scheduled for the rest of your day... LOL You could declare it is for "medicinal purposes" after all not breathing really calls for some kind of medicine....:)
I also recommend gloves or something on your fingers to help move that big ole quilt around, it is hard to relax when pushing and shoving.

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Rita, do you have a free-motion slider or some way to make the bed of your machine slippery? That will make a HUGE difference if you have less drag between the quilt and the machine. Try it! :)


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Here's another hearty recommendation for gloves. They really help. Another thing you can do is polish the bed of your machine with turtle wax to make it really slippery.

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I totally agree on the gloves front. Huge difference.

And if you go with wine, be sure that it is white and not red!

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I know the feeling! I am venturing into FMQ on my sewing machine & it does take a measure of daring to commence. I started with a table runner. Next I am going to make & FMQ a baby quilt. I need something to cover the hinges on the fold our part of my sewing machine cabinet, as things get hung up there @ times.

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