Need Deck Color Suggestions,, Please.....

kswl2April 11, 2012

We redid our exterior porches and decks last spring and summer. At the time, our house trim color was a light beige. I loved the darker khaki color of the new deck railings so much that we are now repainting all the columns in the back and the house trim--- including the new portico---the same khaki color. It seems darker on the front of the house because of all the trees, but I have decided not to obsess over that (big step forward for me).

The deck proper, the actual horizontal surface walked upon, is a light chocolate milk color, a very subtle hue difference and one that, in strong sun, almost disappears. Now that everything is painted khaki and we have a veritable sea of khaki, I want to paint the decking in a darker or contrasting color. I have tried browns, tams, taupes, and greens, 10 at last count, and none of them look exactly right.

Please suggest a color I can try. I am looking for something darker, I think, as that will help with the paw prints that are so noticeable now, and I am leaning towards a brown but don't know why and would love to see other colors that would work.

The current deck railing color that is now the house trim:

This shows the old trim color on the windows, ÃÂ which is gone and is now the railing color (also shown) and the current deck color. (The step looks a different color because it is dirty.) ÃÂ I want a deck color darker that looks good with the khaki railings.

I know it doesn't

Ooh like there's a difference between the deck and railings, that's why I want to change. Any suggestions?

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Annie Deighnaugh

I love dark green with brick and taupe...probably not something you've thought of but worth a look.

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Annie, I tried four greens this afternoon---one spruce-ish, one olive with too much yellow, and two lighter greens that are really off. I like the spruce one, but it looks to have too much blue. I may go back tomorrow and ask for her to add yellow ti get rid of the blue. And black to make it darker..... Do you mean forest green, or even darker? I have worried that the deck will be too hot to walk on if it is dark.
Here is the awning stripe. What do you think of the green in it? It's a sort of medium green. (This is on the other side of the screened porch)

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I would go with the darkest eggplant color that I could find. Against the brick and khaki, it would be stunning.

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Have you considered a reddish brown, something similar to the brick? That might look cool.

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Those are colors I never thought to try....I will get samples in the morning.

I am a bit worried that the darkest colors will make the deck uncomfortably hot. Is that a reasonable fear?

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We are in a similar boat. We have brick with similar khaki trim and black shutters. Our deck is light green and it shows every speck of dirt! We like the color but the dirt is out of control. I will also try a more reddish brown. The painters are scheduled for May 2, so we will have to decide soon.

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Yes, our experience is dark color decking is very hot! Too hot to walk barefoot and may burn the pads on your dog's paws. If the sidewalk or dark street gets really hot in the summer where you live,you may need to consider a lighter color for the decking. Sorry......we had a dark brown transparent stained deck in another house-it was unusable during the hottest part of the summer.
All that said-navy and khaki is a nice combination; I also like the green in your awing.

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I would consider bringing out the green in the awning also. My goodness - that's alot of upkeep - all that painting. We've never used a dark color for patios, decks, etc. but we've never had painted, so I can't offer an opinion on dark colors being hot.


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Upkeep is right! The new deck was painted with a solid stain about two months ago, and it is so hot out there it has turned chalky. We painted the other decks at the same time and they're ok, except that now there's too much of that color. Now we are going to try porch and deck paint, trying to decide between Porter and Ben Moore--- assuming I ever find a color.

I have two dogs, both under 20 pounds. They are out a lot, so their pads are pretty tough, but I can't stand the thought of them burning! That's one of the reasons we went with wood instead of trexx, plus the fact that two friends had to sue the company to get their permanently mildewed decks replaced.

Have a landscape guy coming from Atlanta to help today. Let's hope he has a bright idea. I am thinking a reddish light brown at this point.

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Just keep in mind that with the reddish browns, they will look pretty bright at first, but the color fades or tones out in a couple of months and then it has a more natural look to it. That's what happened when we painted out deck anyways. I had some real regrets about the color we chose but once it toned down it was fine.

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I have a brick house similar in color to yours, probably a little more orange, and we painted our deck a medium to light red brown that matched the house well but didn't look great. It always reminded me of the McDonald's mulch and was just too much red. Personally I like what you have better than a reddish brown. A medium to dark brown that brought out the darker bricks would look nice but I understand the concern for your dogs feet and it would probably still show paw prints unless matched to your dirt color. Paw prints are the one thing that drive me crazy with out current deck, a medium dark brown azek, but I have resigned my self to taking a mop out when it rains and scrubbing it down.

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Why don't you just buy some pretty deck rugs? They have them in so many colors now.

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Update: we tried a dark eggplant (too much going on with the khaki railings, black aluminum pickets, brick walls and green/taupe striped awning); and several brick reds, which looked okay UNTIL we put the color next to the brick and it looked just as athomeinva describes.... Not too good.

Landscape guy suggests a medium brown with a red undertone-- someone above suggested that--- and we both LOVED the sample. It looks like stained wood. It's dark, though, so if it bothers the dogs or our bare feet we will go lighter. The color is pumpernickel in Porter paints. We're going with the satin deck and porch paint.

The lower deck boards will be painted pumpernickel, as well as the treads of both staircases. When we get to the top of the stairs to the bedroom balcony on one side of the screened porch and the grilling deck on the other, we are going to paint the breadboard trim along the outward facing sides in the pumpernickel and the rest in the khaki.

.....stay tuned...

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I personnally like the color it is at present. Dress it up with some colorful ceremic pots and plants. You could add ferns for some green color too!

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Thanks for trying the suggestions! That's interesting how they ended up looking. So glad you found something you like though!

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Thanks for the update. I may need to check out Pumpernickel. There is Porter store fairly closeby.

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I'll post a photo tomorrow when coat#2 is dry and the furniture is back. I really like it. The concrete pots of flowers will really show up well against the darker deck. Gsciencechick, the color looks like stained wood. In fact, I wonder how it would look to put a coat of polyurethane over the second coat of paint?

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Any updated pics on this? I stopped at Lowe's and picked up a few paint chips. I like this one by Olympic called Warm Mahogany. This color also looks like a stained wood and looks good with the brick. I'm going to pick up a sample next time I'm out that way.

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Thanks for topping this, gsciencechick, I completely forgot about it! We painted the lower deck with the swim spa a Porter color, Pumpernickel:

The stairs going up to the smaller decks on either side of the screened porch are also pumpernickel, and the trim pieces around each top deck are pumpernickel. The rest of the decking is the custom khaki color. From the yard it looks great--- you see mostly the edges of the stairs and top decks in brown and the rest khaki... It is a very tailored look.

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Gosh, the deck looks shiny in that picture! It was wet, just after the rain. The deck paint is a satin finish and looks much more subdued when dry, lol!

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Ooh, that's a nice color!! Everything looks great!! This week so swamped--exams start, but I may try to make it out to Porter store. He is supposed to start the deck May 2, so we need to get a color soon.

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It looks great! Did you use exterior paint or did you use specific porch/floor paint?

I've tried some samples from Lowe's, and it is down to two colors, but I tend to like the more brown one better.

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It is satin finish porch and deck paint, geosciencechic. So far so good :)

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Beautiful deck and backyard!! Wonderful job:)

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Kswl, I also posted in the vertical blinds thread.

Pre but post pressure washing: no more light colors, shows too much of everything!

Post: Color is a new Valspar color Cliveden Virginia Soil.

View of Blinds between glass. These are Reliabilt doors from Lowe's.

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Nice job and color---it looks just like new! Thank you for posting these follow up pictures, I was very curious to know how it all came out and delighted to see how good it looks.

LOVE those doors with blinds as well!

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Thanks! He just finished the second coat the other day. We really like the brown! A little different look from your deck with the built-in benches.

Also, very happy with the french doors, since it meant getting rid of the vertical blinds on the inside. These are also much more energy efficient, no drafts at all. We were able to use up the last of the Energy Star tax credits on them.

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