Metallic Thread Quilting

K8OrlandoFebruary 3, 2012

I could use some technical advice on machine quilting with metallic thread. I've used metallics for hand quilting but am having trouble making it work on the machine.

What size needle should I use? Can I use plain thread in the bobbin and metallic thread on top? Any recommendations for brand of metallic? How about setting the tension: do I back it off a little?



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You should use a metallic needle in your machine. I would probably use a thinner thread in the bobbin that matches the color of the metallic thread, and yes, you will probably have to adjust your tension & perhaps your stitch length. Pay attention to how the thread is wound on the spool - you pay have use your spool pin.

I'm guessing metallic for your Poppies??? Pretty.....

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Maybe for the poppies, but definitely for the ALS donation quilt. I wanted to add beads in case it's used as a wallhanging but someone might want to use it as a wheelchair lap quilt instead and beads can make a quilt hard to launder. So metallics seem like the right way to go. I could do that part by hand but if I can do it by machine I will.

Increasing the stitch length is a great suggestion! Thanks!

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A washable shiny rayon thread would be much easier to sew & give you that pop & shine, and it is available in many colors. You could also dress it up by adding a narrow flat braid. Metallic thread can be temperamental ~ especially when you are in a hurry :).

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If they still make it I recommend YLI. I used to get it from clotilde but I don't see it in their current catalog. I have used different kinds but nothing compares.
I also like YLI bobbin thread when using metallic and a microtex needle. MHO>

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Lots of good recommendations above. I have used metallic thread for quilting but didn't do free motion. I think you will have better results if you use a walking foot and some kind of straight or decorative stitch on your machine.

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