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ritaweedaFebruary 20, 2012

The grandkids were here this past weekend and I took a look at the pillowcase I had made for the girl about 4 years ago, pretty sad shape. So I decided to make a new one, just finished it today. I took 2 photos so that you could see the butterfly near the top and the snail near the bottom.

Hope she will like it, but even though the old one is ragged, I know she won't give it up, she sleeps with it every night and always brings it here for the monthly sleepover.

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Oh my! That is so adorable and so nice for you to know how much your work is appreciated by your grand daughter.

Best Wishes - Corinne

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That's just darling. I think sewing for grandchildren is the most fun of all. Good job.

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So cute.....the snail and butterflies are really cute. You are a nice Grandma :)

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Very cute, Rita! I'm sure she will love it.


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Rita, that is lovely pillowcase.
I think she will like it.
Isn't it nice to know that she still treasures the old one.
Makes all the work worthwhile.


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Just the thing to bring on another smile. She will love it but will have a hard time replacing the old one I am sure. It's fun being a Grandma, I speak from a lot of experience.

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I love the looping quilted stitches showing the "motion" of the butterflies. You are very creative!


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