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mixman1June 18, 2010

I was reading another post on this forum and started wondering......what would a pool builder build for themselves? What equipment? Design? Features? Builders have budgets too......so it would be interesting to see the choices they make when THEY are paying the bill....

So, I am requesting that pool builders on this forum post pics and specs of their own pools.....Might be interesting, huh?

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Here are some pic's of mine from after construction and planting of the palm trees, and a few more from the construction of my pavilion. These are all back from 02 and 03.

The spec's are it's very big at 120000 gallons and has a 40x20 pavilion with a 20' bar/summer kitchen cabinet, fireplace which will burn 5' logs, and a 50" Pioneer plasma monitor. I've got a cheap computer under the counter for surfing the web on it plus a DVD player, VHS TVtuner and player, and a 110 watt per channel 7.1 surround sound receiver with a separate zone to run poolside speakers on the radio while I'm watching the ball game on the plasma, and an outdoor pool table.
The pool has a waterfall mountian with slide and cave, 1 big waterfall, 2 little waterfalls, a large beach, 4 60sq/ft filters, 2 400000 btu propane heaters, 2 heater/chiller heat pumps, 12 pool pumps, 2 Polaris 280's, 6 LED lights, and 2 RS12 computers with handheld radio remotes,
Get ready for the best part, it has it's own 200 amp power service with an electric meter, a XXXX1/2 address and it's own monthly power bill. This, my internet friends, is why you should be careful what you wish for LOL!!!!!
I sometimes am on the verge of tears when I open the light bill during the hot summer months when I kick on the chillers to make that doggone hot Texas pool water colder.
Tears of joy when I'm swimming swimming in 82 while the neighbors water is 95 becomes tears of pain when I read the bill. I'm really going to miss this land, home, and pool when I sell and move.
Trust me on this, although I got great pricing from my service providers and wholesalers, it still cost me a ton of money I'll never come close to getting back when I sell.
But, the memories are priceless. My Dad always told me "The only thing we'll take with us when we leave this world is our memories and we leave behind the same with those who'll miss us"

See ya,

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Absolutely beautiful......what plaster finish did you choose? Anything you would have done differently in hindsight?

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This is mine.

50 x 36 pool, 10' deep aprox 65k gallons. 10 x 13 spa.
Pool has a Quad 100, and a Clean and clear 520
Spa has clean and clear.
5 pumps, 2 blowers. 400k heater, and heatpump.
Intellitouch controls, Caretaker infloor cleaning system.
Wouldnt change much, maybe add underwater speakers.

As husky said, lots of freebies, but still expensive.

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Just 2 builders?
Of all the builders that post on this site, only two are willing to share their own backyard with us?
Huh, must be the "plumbers syndrome" it is said that plumbers sink always leaks......presumably because he is too busy to fix his own.

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