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stupid48June 19, 2011

Getting to final steps of pool build. I'm reading the pool code (Nevada) about secondary access barriers. We don't have children so we are looking for something cheap that will pass pre-plaster inspection. We are going to remove them anyways... Our french doors we understand that we will need alarms(?) My question is more about windows. The code states: ..all openings in dwelling unit that provide direct access to the pool or spa..

So, am I to assume that any window on the ground floor that is anywhere in my backyard needs secondary access protection or just windows that are near the pool? I mean, I have windows that are way around the side of the house that are more than 100 feet from the pool yet are still in the yard...

Just trying to clarify....

Thanks, Chris

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Further to this... Our windows have solar screens and, if you live in Vegas, you'll understand that most people never open their windows at any time during the year (because of smog, spiders, roaches, oppressive heat, bitter cold, thiefs... So, we have double latches and an extra metal safety latch on all our downstairs windows....

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While I don't have a clue about Nevada, I can tell you what I did, for whatever that is worth.

Quite simply, I was confused about our codes as well, so I called the inspectors office and talked to one of the inspectors personally. Told him what I was doing, and asked him to explain what I needed to do in plain English (not code speak).

Worked for me, and am sure it would work for you.

Good luck!

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If it doesn't spec how it's to be mounted, I have heard some use Velcro to attach the alarms where needed, not that I advocate it because I don't. Family, friends,..


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Here in FL, there has to be a barrier around the entire pool. Part of that is fencing and gates of a specific height and requirements. Part of the barrier may be house, so any part of the house that is "barrier" that doesn't meet the requirement (read: opening below 54") has to be alarmed. Those parts of the house inside the fence and gates have direct access to the pool.
If you don't want to alarm the house, then you'd have to install a barrier between the house and the pool, which a lot of people with toddlers do here so that there is some safe outdoor play area, such as a patio or lawn.
I got a used (read: installed for one hour, passed inspection, then removed, except for the one door on the lanai that actually might be an issue, most toddlers not really able to open windows, remove screens and get out, and not sure that it has ever actually happened) set of 11 high-end alarms for about $100 on craigslist and we plan to mount them with regular double-sided tape. We'll probably keep a few of them on as intruder alarms except I think the disable feature only works one way and that might be annoying.

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Fori is not pleased

I agree with trying to get some info out of the inspector--you can probably ask her at one of the earlier inspections if you can't get her on the phone.

It'll vary of course. My inspectors were sort of muddling through the code language like the rest of us. Where I am, you can use an alarm that goes in the pool (those splash thingies) instead of door alarms. Maybe you can get one of those. They have the potential to actually WORK (tell you when teenagers are borrowing your pool in the middle of the night?). I don't know what the door alarms are supposed to do. Prevent us from opening windows? Grumble grumble. So incredibly impractical for most applications!

I have kids and I'm pretty darn protective but my door alarms are in a baggie somewhere.

There is some merit to having good backyard gates when you have a pool, but for most of us, I suspect those door and window alarms are only for inspections.

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