Deck Post Surrounded by Soil

whaas_5aDecember 17, 2011


This particular deck post was originally surrounded by soil but after I put the patio down the front side is no longer surrounnded by soil. The patio is level with the footing.

Is it ok to have the soil right next to the post? For the most part the grade is pitched away from the post.

I have a well drained soil (mainly sandy) and I did put river pebbles right behind the post so it wasn't moist soil right against it. I don't know if this is better thing to do or not.

Your feedback is appreciated!

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What type of wood is this post? If it is to be in contact with soil it should at the very least be ground contact pressure treated. Other wise it will rot.

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Is there anyway to tell by looking at it? Probably a dumb question...

I'll check with the builder and see what he says. Although he was the one that did the grading and put the soil against the post so he would likely say its fine anyhow.

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Is the post concreted in the footing or does it sit on a post base? The concrete bumping up to the post is a problem along with the soils contact. It wouldn't be that big a project to brace up the header temporarily, cut the post, and install it on a raised post base if your builder is competent. Pressure treated, redwood, cedar are ground contact species, but still not a good idea to have them in contact, imo.

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