Accent Walls

divotdivaApril 18, 2014

are accent walls out of fashion? We just completed an addition/renovation and the new part of the LR is a light gray, while the original is an off white. I would like to use a darker gray on one wall that spans the two areas (old/new) or perhaps tie in with the new light gray. But it seems most people are just painting the whole room one color now?

If I use the darker color I think the room will be too dark overall as the flooring is dark. But the white is boring.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I don't know or care if accent walls are in or out. I use them and I like them. They can serve useful functions in decorating like tying spaces together, or defining them separately. They can make long skinny rooms look more proportional and they can make out of balance architecture look more in balance.

If you want it, go for it...

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Totally agree with Annie....I have one in my LR and really like the look.

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Yep, go for it!

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I just did an accent wall in my LR. My friends told me not to do it-that I would regret it!! Well they were over the other day and two of them are painting one of their walls this weekend. Go with your heart!!!

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thanks, I have had them before and liked them, but wasn't sure if it was a dated look.

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