Big decision

loisflanFebruary 5, 2014

I pondered and pondered and finally decided to leave my Janome Jem here on Maui rather than schlepp her home and back again next January. So I packed her up, said a tearful goodbye and stored her in the owner's locker for next year. I won't be taking any classes before I retire (which will be in mid-November of this year) and we'll be coming back to Maui for two or three months in early 2015, so she's staying here. I don't have room to keep her set up in my sewing room, so she just sits in the box at home anyway. I had my 6600 serviced while we were gone, so I shouldn't need a back-up (I hope). It's funny how attached we become to our 'babies.' The thought of leaving her here made me kind of sad. I think I'm getting senile.

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Awww! It sound kind of like if you had to leave a pet behind! But I'm sure she will be fine. You don't have to worry about extreme temperatures, and you don't have to worry about her getting banged up in travel. Sounds like a good plan to me!

Have a safe trip home.


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Something to look forward to...The Reunion!!! Sounds like you will need to work on your fabric stash until!

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I do hope you left her a bit of fabric under her presser foot so she doesn't get lonely.


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Oh, Beverly, that's so sad. I didn't, and I bet you're going to tell me that it's better for the machine too. There was one under the presser foot of my 6600 when I got it back from its annual check-up.

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I get attached to things too. My crafty stuff is my happy nest, so I like it all around me to feel the coziest. Sounds normal to me.

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I'm sure she will be fine, just feed her well when you get back. Perhaps some fine batiks?


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