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susan_onFebruary 3, 2013

I have a Brother PC 8500 combination sewing/embroidery machine. Sometimes I have a problem with the tension where the thread doesn't want to "catch" in the thread guides. I just had it serviced in December. I'm having that problem today, and I've rethreaded, and changed needles, bobbins, thread spools etc. I make sure I thread it with the pressure foot up. Today I ran into that problem while embroidering, and I changed it over to sewing mode to check it out and it did the same thing there at first, and then sewed fine. Then I went back to embroidery, but no luck. Any suggestions?

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Don't you just hate it when the machine acts up and you just had it serviced!? I sure would call the shop back tomorrow. You've already done everything I would do except a couple of things....change the needle size and use a different brand of thread. Hope it's a simple fix.


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Oh, I did those things too, Sharon. I will keep playing around with it, and will call the shop tomorrow if it doesn't start behaving! I had been planning a nice, quiet sewing and embroidering day today :(

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Susan, I have the same machine, and mine currently has the bobbin thread laying flat on the back of the fabric. I've tried turning the little screw in the bobbin case but it doesn't change, so it's going to the shop tomorrow.

I've never had the problem you have, but it may be something out of adjustment on the inside. I'd do like Sharon said and call the repair person tomorrow to see what they say.


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Thanks, Donna. How do you like your machine otherwise? I love mine! DH wants me to get another machine, but I'm not "there" yet.

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Susan, mine is ten years old and starting to show its age...I'm trying to convince DH we can afford a new machine!

It's been a wonderful machine, much that a couple of years ago I bought a smaller Brother machine to take to classes.


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I'm sorry you are having trouble... that really is frustrating. Have you tried flossing the thread back and forth through the tension guides?

I have a Brother PC 420 and sometimes the bobbin messes up... the bobbin case comes loose (doesn't stay seated properly) for no apparent reason and the machine jams... didn't start doing that until after I had it serviced the first time! Nothing I do seems to fix it, but if I wait until it's in a good mood, everything is fine... very spontaneous and frustrating so I understand!

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I will try that flossing- it's the only thing I haven't tried. The thing is, I'd hoped to get a nice sewing machine some time this year, and a nice embroidery machine in the future, instead of getting another combination machine. I'm not sure what to do now.. If I can't resolve this. I should say that this machine does this periodically, but never to this extent. It's getting old!

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I used to have a PC6500. I finally traded it in for a 4500D when it was about 10 years old. The 6500 was giving me all sorts of problems with the thread breaking when I would embroider. I currently have 3 Brother machines (PQ1500, 4500D and PR650) and have been very happy with them.


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Well, I flossed it and I changed the direction the thread came from. DH had to retrofit it, and it's not pretty, but it works... at least for now :) I'll post a pic in a bit.

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