Hooterville Baby Quilt

lindaoh_gwFebruary 5, 2012

I know.. it sounds rather racy for a baby quilt but it is an appliqued owl quilt and that is the name of the pattern. I have had the quilt finished for a couple of weeks or more but didn't post because I didn't want Christina to see it until the shower which was held yesterday.

Wouldn't you know, I forgot my camera. We went to DD's house to help her get things ready for the shower, then we had to drive to Dayton for the shower. I left my camera at DD's house. We had her CRV packed full.

Linda OH

Here is a link that might be useful: Baby Quilt

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very nice quilt, I know all about leaving camera at home or forgetting to charge batteries...D

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That's adorable. I sent the link to my daughter who loves owls. However, she doesn't have children, so I don't think she will ask me to make her one. LOL

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I agree, it's just adorable. I love the colors in it and those owls are just too cute.

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That's adorable!
I bet she loved it.


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That is a great quilt. I'm sure she'll treasure it. Good job.

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That is so cute. My great granddaughter was born 1 1/2 yrs ago the owls were the thing. She got everything. A couple weeks ago I made her a cuddle owl and her Mom said she grabbed it and hugged it and had to take it to bed with her,that made this gramma happy that she lked it. I guess owls are the thing this year

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It's so cute! I hadn't thought about the racy Hooters...my brother lives in Thomasville GA and he always refers to it as "Hooterville" so when I see the name it makes me think of my brother. :)


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Owls! I love it!!!

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So cute~I bet you are very excited!
I love the color combination.

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