Baby Lock Grace

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLFebruary 4, 2012

So, I got all set up with my back-up machine the daughter had doing upholstery with and decided, well, this isn't gonna work, I need a better back-up than this! I have gotten very spoiled with a few of the perks that I now cannot sew without! So, after a lot of checking things out on the computer to acquaint myself with prices, machines and what they have, DH grabbed a book and took me to the Sew and Vac shop where I bought my Quilter's Dream. Walked in, told the gal I wanted a lightweight, needle up/down, needle positions and drop-in bobbin. She took me over to the Grace.....I lifted it, said it's too heavy for me and I hadn't planned on spending that much. I looked around the shop and spotted a carry case with wheels that I'd surely use for retreat. heh heh heh Told her if she'd throw that in, I'd take it. DH didn't get very many pages read! If I hadn't done all that ground work, he probably would have read the whole book. LOL

Anyway, I've discovered instead of me having to move the needle to 1/4", there's an actual button to push and it does it automatically. There's a decorative stitch that does stippling and it also has that curvy line you girls were talking about. I have a couple of concerns though. I haven't been able to master the needle threader or getting more pressure on the pressure foot. All in all, I'm pretty happy with it.

I don't remember if anyone here has a Grace or not but just wanted to share what I've been up to. *Very Big Grin*


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Congrats on your new addition to the family!

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Sounds great, Sharon! You'll get the needle took me a bit with my Brother, too, and I've never gotten the hang of the Juki's needle threader.

Do you get classes for it?

Have fun!


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What fun! Congrats on your new addition!


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Mine must be a cousin as it is from the Quilter Dream Series. It is the Espire. A couple of years old now and isn't being made under that name. I think the Symphony has replaced it.
I like it for quilting and it has some nice features. Does the Grace have the Pivot lift? That is especially nice. Good luck, I know you will have fun with it.

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Good for you. I just love mine. It took me awhile to get used to the threader but once I did, I can't live without it.

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Congratulations Sharon.
I know you'll enjoy it.


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Congrats Sharon!!!
I just looked your "Miss Gracie" up ~ she looks like a great machine with many usable features. I have always had a needle threader on my main machine - and that was a feature I had to have when I bought a new one. Learn how to use it - Linda is right-you can't live without it. I have 3 Pfaff's - all with the same basic needle threader, and each one has a 'sweet spot' I had to learn.
I saw some online classes offered for Baby Lock.
Set your brand new toy up in front of the TV and enjoy the Super Bowl - have pizza delivered :)
You will love the rolling cart.

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Thank you for all the congratulations on Miss Gracie (I'm not sure if she'll be Baby Grace or Miss Gracie)...I've been making some mindless blocks to get the hang of using it effectively.....has been fun. Even got up at 1am and sewed til my eyes gave out....about an hour.

Donna, I didn't ask about classes as I'm not interested and it isn't easy for me to get around anymore.

Jayne, No pivot that the knee lift? I can't visualize how that would work if the machine is just setting on a table and isn't in a cabinet. Does yours have the lift?

TG/Linda, We drive right by the shop as it's on the main drag, so if I can't get a grip on the needle threader, I'll stop and ask for a demo as these eyes are terrible at seeing those itty bitty places for threading needles!

Marsha, My regular machine is facing west toward the TV, but Baby Grace is about 3 feet to the right facing north. I was thinking "RETREAT" for the rolling cart. *smile* We plan to be at the daughter's for the Super Bowl having jambalaya, a bunch of finger food and drinking Cheerwine soda. @:)


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Congratulations Sharon! New machines are so much fun!
I have a tabletop machine with the knee lift. I don't use it because it makes my hip hurt.
Are you going to be in Indiana in June? Our guild is having a quilt show this year.
Linda OH

Here is a link that might be useful: quilt show

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Linda/OH, I'm thinking I'll be there at that time, but can't say for sure. Wendy should be working part-time by then so we'll have the option of any day. Will sure be letting you know so we can meet up again. @:)


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Sharon, my nice Brother machine has a knee lifter for the presser foot. I didn't use it for a long time because it seemed to be too short or something for me. But then I raised my sewing chair so my face wasn't in the machine and had hubby build me a little box for the "gas" pedal. Made sewing SO much more comfortable! Then I discovered I could use the knee lifter and it's almost never off the machine now. I love it!


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Congratulations on your Gracie! I have a BL Espire & absolutely love it!

The video in this link shows how to thread your Gracie. It starts about the 50 second mark or so. She goes thru it pretty quick, so I don't know if that will help you or not. I'm sure you catch onto it quickly!

Here is a link that might be useful: Check out the video

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The pivot lift is a button on the screen. It lifts the presser foot automatically, enough when you stop stitching to allow you to turn the fabric. It is a very nice feature. It isn't like the knee lift the requires you to use leg pressure.I do have knee lift but don't use it anymore on that machine.
Push button cutting of theads is another feature I hope you have. It's handy as well.

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Donna, My face 'has' to be close to the footpresser so I can sort of see as good as I can. My mom had a knee lever to run her Kenmore.....I like the foot pedal better.

Bee, I happened to press down on the needle threader a little harder last night and it went down and swiveled. Now to test it for threading. *smile*

Jayne, Pivot and push button cutting.....two more things for me to look for. thanks.


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Another feature on my machine which could come in can unplug the foot pedal and use the start/stop push button to run it. It's for doing embroidery but I could see where it could be handy if you had a foot injury or something.


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A new machine!!! How exciting. Have fun learning all the fun things you can do :-)


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