Commercials for places you don't have.

terilynApril 10, 2013

I hate having to watch ads for stores, restaurants, etc. that we don't have. K Mart is the worst, haven't been in the Houston area for at least ten years. Yes, I know I can change the channel or not watch tv.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

This annoys my husband, too. I keep reminding him that it's not all about HIM all of the time, lol. The station can and will sell advertising time to anyone within their broadcasting area, which might be very substantial.

Those K Mart ads are for those folks sitting down and watching the same network, same provider as you are....but who have a K Mart around the corner.

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I think it's kind of funny that they waste the money advertising outside of their area. Conceivably KMart could benefit from online sales so that's arguable. But there's not a Golden Corral within 200 miles of me that I know of so that's a waste. I realize though that they're likely advertising network-wide and not being overwritten by local commercials if the local station couldn't sell the time. Sometimes however the networks will sell the time and all their O&O stations must run the commercials and occasionally all of the affiliates must run them to up the viewer numbers for pricing.

But hey, it gives you a chance to use the bathroom, grab a beer or talk with the SO.

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Could be several reasons... pricing packages, name recognition. Even though you don't have a Golden Corral, you may travel and see one and that name recognition kicks in. I at one time worked for a company who would advertise in areas they were considering expanding to. It was kinda like pre-advertising.

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There's no Denny's near me. I'm in Long Island NY. When I visit my 2 sisters in Buffalo I try to schedule a visit to Denny's for a big Grand Slam breakfast.

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While DH and I were renting in a nearby suburb -- waiting for our new home to be finished -- we'd get a weekly grocery flyer that had only a store's name on it, and no address. We couldn't find the name in the phone book either. I wondered where the store was and who was approving the advertising costs.

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Hi Chisue,

When all else fails ...

... including reading the instruction book ...

... or a map ...

... ask a neighbour!

o j

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We get that time here in Hawaii!

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Or you can shop online is why they air it there? Maybe.

I don't blame you for not liking those ads. I think KMart ads have been obnoxious since last November. And they were on every commercial break, sometimes twice in a break until after Christmas. UGH!

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There are no Macy's in Iowa and I miss shopping at Macy's. There sees to be Macy's ads on the networks and I don't think they can make them location specific.

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