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starplexJune 16, 2011

Most everyone's water is not as clear as they like it on the initial fill. I'm sure mine is no different and I'm sure it will have a yellowish dull tint. I actually have an older INTEX cartridge filter/pump that I had with one of those temporary soft side pools. Do you think it is worth trying to use it to filter the water prior to the water entering the pool. I could set up a plastic 55 gallon drum with two water hoses feeding the drum and then the pump pulling out of the drum. This would provide cleaner water and put less gunk on the pool catridge filter at start up, but is it worth the trouble?

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Hayward makes a Bobby Filter for the end of your hose. If you have a well, it might be worth the $50. It isn't perfect but its a heck of lot easier for catching larger particles that may be in suspension as the well is exercised.


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Thanks Scott. We are not on well water, but community water, but even then I'm sure it's not all that clear. Is the initial fill water color problems mostly due to unclean water, or is it actually more to do with the chemical imbalance, (pH, alkalinity, free chlorine, etc). I assume since this is the water we drink it can't actually be that dirty??

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It is mostly chemical imbalance than dirty water. The color settles down with good brushing and getting the pH of the water to the correct level.

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We are almost to the point of filling our 2,000 gallon swim spa and I am thinking of getting a water truck to fill it. We have a bored well and I don't know how long it will take to recharge if that much water is taken from it at one time. Has anyone used a water truck, and should I expect the quality of that water to be better than my well water?

We are putting in a bromine salt generator. The company doesn't put many of these in, and it has to have a separate touch screen control panel that will be inset in the deck, so the rep is coming to install it. I am wondering now if the color of the water will be off for a longer period of time between the water tank and the salt generator??

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