Advice on staining cedar deck?

dljmthDecember 2, 2013

We are about to install a clear cedar deck and I am researching staining. The deck faces South and right now it is about 1/4 shaded by a large Bay tree. The deck meets/is flush with the house hardwood floors which are red oak with a water based stain so it is a very light clear in color (no real red showing). I have been researching staining and am wondering about the differences in the brands and finishes. Is there a "staining cedar 101" place to look for good advice on brands and steps to make sure it is sealed properly? Thanks in advance.

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I'm no expert on staining but I have stained cedar and redwood decks at my homes in do-it yourself mode. I have used Olympic and other brands and they did not last. The best I have tried so far are oil based and made by Cabot. I like to use a semi-clear because the clears don't hold up at all. Right now I am on to their Australian Timber Oil because it lasts very well. However it is oily and the colors are intense. I think they have one that is blond but it may be too intense for you. They have some sheen too. The flame mahogany color made my very worn cedar deck look like new after I had the cracks filled with wood filler. At least check Cabot's online site for tips.

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I have to disagree, we use olympic brand as a business for the past 10 years - it is not the quality of the product, more in the application that's the issue

Here is a link that might be useful: Pergolas of Distinction Decking

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Armstrong Clark Wood Stain. It is composed of both drying and non-drying oils that break apart from one another throughout the application process. The non-drying oils dive into the new cedar to condition the woodâÂÂs cellular structure while the separated drying oils cure on the exposed surface to not only lock in the conditioning oils, but to protect the surface from natural weather exposure.

Another similar stain best for new cedar wood is Timber Oil Brand. This is a paraffin oil based wood and deck stain that penetrates deep into new cedar wood and decks. This cedar stain conditions the wood cells while providing water and UV protection. The Timber Oil brand promises ease of application of good penetration into new decking.

Prepping new cedar wood is important to stain life and performance. New cedar wood should be cleaned using a sodium percarbonate wood cleaner to remove mill glaze and other contaminants that may have infiltrated the wood during construction.

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