Joist Hanger Screws

kwerkDecember 7, 2010

I have a 2x deck ledger attached to a concrete foundation that I need to attach joist hangers to.

Reading the Simpson info they say I should use 10D 3" nails to attach the hangers to the ledger. Obviously this won't work because there is concrete behind the ledger. There is a foot note saying I can use 10D 1.5" nails but the load value will be reduced to 0.64.

Digging around further they seem to suggest I can also use 1.5" SD structural connector screws on these joist hangers.

Has anyone researched this stuff and used these screws before on joist hangers with treated lumber? They are mechanically galvanized compared to hot-dipped galvanized. The website is a little light on info because this is a new product.

I expected to simply nail everything in with those 1.5" 10D 'joist hanger nails' but apparently that is a mistake. Although they are acceptable for the header (with a .64 load reduction), the joist toenails require 10D common at minimum and the double joist hangers require 16D common for both header and joist. I'm glad I looked this stuff up.

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Have you considered doubling up on your ledger? That would give you enough depth for the full length 10d nails, add strength to the structure and give you enough surface to put a post underneath for added support. Use the same nailing pattern you would for a built up beam - 3 nails in a row every 12 in.
Good luck,

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You are using the double shear joist hangers? If so ...

"With 2x carrying members, use 10d x 1 1/2" nails into the header and 10d commons into the joist, reduce the load to 0.64 of the table value."

The 3" nails can go in diagonally without popping out of the back of your 2x ledger.

Here is a link that might be useful: Simpson LUS/HUS Double Shear Joist Hangers

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