Kashmir White and Other White Granites Staining?

erinf8March 5, 2013

I like many of others on this forum would love marble, but have been steered away from it by many, and I recognize it is not for our family. Of all of the white granites I seem to be drawn to Kashmir White. My question is for those of you who have Kashmir White or any other white granites, have you had problems with them staining? I notice that a couple people on this forum have mentioned that it is a possibility. Thanks!

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Yes, they can stain. A general rule of thumb is the lighter the granite, the more porous it is. The key is to clean up spills as they happen and not let them sit on the counter. When an accident occurs and the countertop gets stained, there is a fix called a poultice that typically works. Making sure your countertop is sealed yearly will also help.

We recently had a staining incident when we came home from Wal-Mart and had to run right back out the door. One of the bags was set down in a water ring from a glass and the blue used for the logo on the plastic bag stained the countertop. It was easily fixed with a poultice made from original blue Dawn and all-purpose flour. Once the poultice dried, the stain was gone.

So the long & short of it is, yes Kashmir White and other light colored granites can stain, but if you clean up spills as they happen & reseal the granite every year staining can be prevented. Lastly, a poultice is a light colored granite's best friend if a stain should occur.

Hope this helps!

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I have been living with my kashmir white counters for about 7 months now. We did seal them using a sealer I think dh bough from Home depot. I can't remember the name of it but we are not really happy with the result. When the counters get wet the granite darkens but once they dry the water stain goes away. We have been meaning to buy the porous plus 511 sealer hoping it solves this issue. Now while I am pretty careful in wiping up stains immediately dh is not. So he will leave coffee drips, tomato sauce splashes, etc on the counters sometimes all day and they always wipe up, with no stains, (so far). Like mydreamhome mentioned all the light granites can stain, but I think if you invest in a good sealer you should be ok.

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I've had Kashmir White for 7 years and have had absolutely no problems whatsever. We've been very pleased with the choice. Good luck!

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My SIL has kashmir white and she has a stain from tomato sauce. I'm not sure she knows about using a poultice to remove it tho, so I'm surely going to tell her that.

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I have wine river granite, which is in the white family too. Have been using my counters for 3+ years and the only stain is from an idiot friend (grrr) who left a coffee cup ring on the countertop of our patio slab-we used extra to create a counter/sink/cabinet set up when we did the kitchen.

But inside we've had no problems whatsoever. It was sealed by the installer and they told us we should reseal but I haven't had to do anything yet.

We don't baby the counters. In fact I am also a marble refugee,so I have a mantra 'this is a piece of rock' that I keep foremost about my granite.

Good luck with your kashmir white.

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We just got a white granite called snowflakes. Even though the fabricator sealed it, we noticed that it was absorbing water (the water spots looked like dark spots on the granite which evaporate in an hour or so). We decided to reseal it using Dupont Bulletproof sealer (recommended by oldryder on this forum). Since then, we've had no problems. My sense is that if you seal the granites well, you should be fine.

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I have arctic cream granite. When it was installed, they told me they put a "lifetime" sealer on it. I can't believe such a thing exists....but what I can tell you is that so far whatever they used has been practically bullet proof.

The stone does not absorb water (shows no darkening at all from water sitting on it), nor has anything stained it. Wine and tomato sauce have all wiped right up.

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I have had my River White granite for one year. The fabricators sealed it after they installed it and I have not sealed it since then. There has been no staining and no water marks.

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