What is Wrong With Big Box Pavers

splaisDecember 1, 2013

I have read in two or three different places where people said they would never buy pavers from Lowes or Home Depot, but they never say why. Could someone tell what they think is wrong with them. They are all concrete and none of them are actually made by Lowes or Home Depot - so what's up?

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a paver is only as good as what goes into it. Factors like quality/PSI of the concrete mix, the quality of the molds, how many times they use the molds before scrapping them, is the color all the way through, quality of pigments (bad ones fade in direct sun), what their QC tolerances are - all these impact overall quality. A crappy paver will often have the aggregate visible on the surface of the finished paver on day 1, and this gets worse over time. They can flake. They can fade. They can be a bear to install because they may vary in size because the molds should've been pitched 1000 pavers ago.

I've been in this industry a long time and I can tell a good paver from a bad one. The box stores sell garbage that could be used for backfill and not much else. They don't care. Their market is DIYer folks who don't know to seek out professional grade products at stone yards, and they don't care that when their subpar product fails in a couple years (especially if you follow their ludicrous installation instructions) you're probably going to extrapolate that to "wow pavers suck."

When I worked out west we were selling the pavers made by the same plant that made them for HD/Lowes for $2.5/sq ft. The cheapest "real" brand was $4/sq ft. You can't sell the same quality of paver at almost a 50% discount and stay in business, which means you're NOT selling the same quality.

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