double wedding ring question

auntevieFebruary 27, 2011

I would love to make the double wedding ring quilt for my daughter but everywhere I read people say how HARD it is and I am just a beginner (I've made about 3 quilts).

What makes it so hard? Is it the piecing, cutting, or what? Is it doable for a newbie? I have an accuquilt go and if I use the die will it make it alot easier?

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I think what most people find challenging is the curved piecing. I made a wall hanging DWR many years ago, and I didn't find it difficult at all. The curves are gentle and pretty easy to sew, I thought.


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Thanks Donna. I know this is probably a stupid question...but can I piece it by machine?

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The curves are dependent on accuracy. If you are able to have the pieces cut accurately and can sew an accurate seam, you can do it. But you must also put the curves together with solid pieces also curved. Generally starting with a project with straight lines is the best way to learn. If it frustrates you, it leaves a sour taste toward quilting that is undeserved. I'd never make one from scratch myself and I'm rather experienced. I did make one from pieces already together but wouldn't have done it except for a rare situation.

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Thanks for the input! My plan was to make this for my daughter who is getting married at the end of the summer and I thought I would make it for a wedding gift. But even tho I THINK I can do it, it sounds like it would be better if I give myself more time and give it to them for their first year anniversary!

Quilting has become my new love. I lurk on these boards almost everyday so that I can learn more and am amazed at how beautiful all the quilts are. Thanks to everyone who posts pics of their quilts...they are such an inspiration to a new quilter like me!

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Auntevie, I made a DWR for my daughter and now I am working on one for myself. I would not say it is difficult but everything must be exactly the right size for it to go together correctly. It is also very time consuming. I am working on a queen size quilt and have reserved a time to have it machine quilted in November. Do you plan to quilt it yourself? My longarm quilter plans on a week to quilt a queen size on her computerize machine.
Linda OH

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Linda, your post tells me that i should definitely wait to give them their wedding quilt on their first anniversary. That way it will give me a full year to make and I can take more time to be careful. Thanks!

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My one and only king sized quilt was a double wedding ring that I made for my oldest granddaugher. ( Hand quilted insidently)
I wouldn't say it was difficult other then the being accurate in cutting and sewing. As you have the means to cut it with accuracy that leaves the sewing a good seam.
As the curve is gradual I didn't find it difficult to do and it becomes easier with practice.
I would say go for it and if you don't finish it for the wedding there is still the anniversary.

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I think it depends too on which of the many varitions of the double wedding ring quilt you are planning on doing.
There's one with very round joined circles, theres one with squarish circles, there's one with the long thin curved as a single piece instead of four or five pieces.
I also think it depends upon your frustration level. Some folks like a challenge and some find it rather daunting to even think about doing something with curved pieces.
There's also fabric to consider. The better the quality I think the easier it is to sew and cut.
So if you think you are ready for it I say go for it.

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