Soft-close drawers won't close :(

mountaineergirlMarch 7, 2013

I sooooo couldn't wait to get my new cabinets with dish drawers that I have been lusting after since I discovered this forum a few yrs back. Well it appears my dishes are too heavy to let the drawers shut by themselves! I have longaberger stoneware dishes, probably 10-12 place settings. With bowls/luncheon plates etc in a 33" drawer. It won't close by itself now! I'm so bummed :(. Anyone else have this trouble? I called the cabinet guy (they are Waypoint made by american Woodmark) and then someone called from the manufacturer co after "talking to their engineers" and long story short I guess I have too much weight in them. The hardware is Blum. Another drawer that has mixing bowls etc - same thing! But the ones with pots/pans closes fine. Apparently that doesn't weigh as much as the stoneware stuff.

So.... Do I give up storage by wasting space in the drawers or just deal with having to close them all the way myself? It's kind of a pain compared to just pushing with your hip and it closing by itself. :/

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Can you divide up your place settings into 2 drawers? You'll have to put the put the items in the 2nd drawer elsewhere but maybe by halving the dishes into 2 drawers it won't be so heavy. It would bother me if I couldn't use the self closing feature because of too much weight. I'd have to reorganize to make it work.

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Sorry to hear, I'm dissapointed for you too! I don't know a whole lot about the engineering aspect of this, but I know when I designed my kitchen I had the option for delux drawers and roll-outs to accomodate up to 100 lbs. I did it, since I have a 3 year old that is likely to try and use my drawers as a "step" up the counter. Maybe you could ask if you could upgrade the drawer just on those two that seem to be beyond weight capacity? It might be worth the cost. If not, I'd just leave them as is. Soft close is a luxury, but we seem to have survived okay without it for centuries. And, you'll still have it on nearly all your other drawers and cabinets. I think you're better off giving it up in one or two drawers than having to re-arrange your dishes to a location that won't be as convenient in your kitchen. Probaly in your upper shelves, right? And if they are, in fact, really heavy - that would be way worse to me.

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My cooktop drawers are rated for up to 150 pounds (orange Blum). Try those.
good luck.

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The guy that called said that the drawers were only rated for 75lbs but that wasn't the hardware. That was just the drawers themselves. Like the bottoms I assume. I was hoping there was a tension thing like the cab doors have. There's 2 speeds and then off, in case you wouldn't want them self-close (huh?) but the drawers have no such settings.

I could divide up the dishes, but wouldn't that defeat the purpose of having the extra storage capacity to start with?

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I'd be floored if the dishes I'm seeing in your photo weigh more than 75 pounds. Out of curiosity - any access to a scale? I"d box em up and weigh em. If they are under 75 pounds that you can call Woodmark back and tell them they have defective hardware and they'd have to replace/upgrade them for you. It's worth a try. Otherwise you're only only option is to divide or live without softcose on that drawe - the latter would be my choice. Did they say anything about long-term wear and tear on drawer, if it was not designed to carry that much weight? And if the drawer was designed to handle 75 pounds than the softclose harware should be too, otherwise what's the point?! I'd be a thorn in their side until they make this right for you.

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You are right. I shouldn't let this go. I really need to bother them about this.

I guess I could weigh the dishes but I doubt that it weighs that much too. 75 lbs is a lot of weight.

The other drawer has some heavy mixing bowls and 3-4 batter bowls. Like the pampered chef ones mostly. And my hand mixer etc. but I bet it weighs less than the dish drawer.

There's one with casserole dishes and it works fine. Heavy but not that many of them.

I just would hate not having all the commonly used dishes in the same drawer. I'm either going to live with it like it is or raise hell with the cabinet people.

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Are you sure theyare Blum? Last I knew AW used hettich. I have a 30 2 draer in the showroom that is full top to bottom with quartz sample boxes. The bar on Blum slide is 1-1/8" wide , the blum logo is stamped on the side wall of the carrier monted to the box, just inside the front.

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I don't know much about hardware, but I do have to do a lot if problem solving. I'd first check what you can.

- is the cabinet level?
- are the drawer tracks level and properly lined up?
- are there any dents, dings, damage, or dirt on/in the tracks?
- is the drawer level?
- is the weight evenly distributed in the drawer?

Anything you can think to check, or can visually inspect, do it. You might find your problem. Or at least you will be prepared when speaking with the company.

Sorry to hear the drawers are giving you grief. Hope the rest of the kitchen is making you smile!

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There's not a hinge adjustment? I could swear that my cab maker showed me one day how to adjust my Blumotion drawer glides after one wasn't shutting as well as the others. I don't remember how to do it as I was too tired to really focus that day.

I wouldn't let this go. I know there are Blum glides rated for at least 100 pounds, as Huango mentioned. Call them back and press them.

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I have some casseroles from longaberger and they are heavy. I would weight everything.

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It's probably not the weight. But an easy way to tell is to unload the drawer and try it then. It could be that the drawer box is just a hair too big, or that it's slightly out of square. Or the slides need adjusting.

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Oh it shuts fine when empty. Shuts fine half full too. I have a total of 19 drawers if you count the shallow top ones. All shut fine except the 2 I have heavy stuff in.

The guy that called me from the manufacturer said the cab doors have adjustments but not drawers. He's the one that told me the were Blum. I think he lied :( He did say to call back if I have any other issues. I will call back to tell him someone needs to come look at it.

Thanks for all your replies. I guess I was hoping someone else had this same issue and had a quick fix for me.

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I was waiting for a2gemini to weigh in. Don't know if this thread would be useful or not, at it describes a full-out drawer fail. One thing I learned from her is that you have to include the weight of the drawer in your calculations.

Here is a link that might be useful: A2gemini's dish drawer fail

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my sister in law has those dishes---they are really really heavy, much heavier than my fiesta ware! I would double check the weight. I have 8place settings of fiestaware in my dish drawer rated at 75lbs of load-not total weight, closes no problem.

best of luck!

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I would be concerned that the weight over time would some how damage the drawer. A member here had a door crack under the weight of dishes.
I would only fill to the point that it can close until you figure this out.

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Does the weight of 75 lb including the weight of drawer itself?

I would think before placing order, you would need to calculate the weight of content and pick drawers that could handle the weight accordingly (weight of the content plus weight of drawer).

Also, did you verify the hardware is not blum before saying the person lied? I hope you did. If you did, what brand the hardware is on the drawer?

Depending on your answers, your case could be a product does not meet specifications, or a user mis-use the product.

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I am the unofficial resident expert on this problem :-(

First of all, take out all of your dishes and weigh the drawer. Our 42 inch drawer weighed 30 lbs and the pegboard another 8 lbs. - I had exactly 75 lbs of dishes in the drawer - oops - crack - the side of the cabinet fractured.

Once the dishes are out of the drawer and the drawer weighed - weigh your dishes. I took one of each size dish and then multiplied times number of sets to get my total.

Now take the drawer out and look at how many screws are holding the drawer - you need extra reinforcement screws for the heavy drawers and not just the standard 3 screws -it doesn't matter if you have MDF, particle, or plywood - the weight is too much for the box without extra reinforcements. If you can, I would put in anchors.

I have learned a lot since then and have been working with the KD and Brookhaven on the issue. BH would replace the cabinet - but getting in place could be a problem and we decided not to risk cracking the counter, messing up the tile, etc...

The KD claims she did not realize the weight included the drawer weight - our drawer still closed and the glide did not break, but I felt that KD should have this knowledge and BH should have red flagged as a problem.

So, we are going to stay with the big drawer but have a smaller inset drawer inside the frame (still waiting for it to come) - look at my Recipe for Disaster thread and michoumonster concept will be used for us.

We are also changing the hinges to the 150lb Blum as an extra precaution.

Take time to go through my post - lots of ideas from everyone. Recipe for disaster.

Good luck

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