Whoah! This is Hard!

ritaweedaFebruary 11, 2012

I started sewing the bordered diamond blocks together, having never (that I can remember) worked with diagonal rows before, I've quickly realized that this is hard! What I mean is the side diamonds. I flip the triangle over to the adjoining block where I think it should go and sew it, flip it back and it's not where it should be. Well, I guess by the time I've finished it I will hopefully be an expert, if not I'll probably never do one again! I think if there weren't narrow borders around these blocks it would be easier to figure out. Looked online to see if there were any tip videos, couldn't find any, mostly stuff about navel piercing! UGH!!

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Rita, I think you'll have to do a lot of pinning on this. Try inserting a pin, 1/4" from the fabric edges right on the two seams. If you can line up the seams with the pins it should match up when you stitch it. I hope that makes sense!


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Or, you can start piercing navels! I hear there's money in that.

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Starch is your friend (for the quilting, not the piercing).


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HAH! You know, I'm so addle-brained right now with this sinus thing and all this OTC medication, I've just now realized that when I searched I probably typed "piercing diagonal rows" instead of "piecing diagonal rows"! Maybe I need to back off of sewing right now, I'm liable to actually do some "piercing" instead of "piecing". It's like when I searched images once on sunburst quilts, all these pictures of guitars kept coming up, what's up with that??? Yes, Kate, I do believe a lot of pinning (oh no, not another "p" word) is in my future, I'll have to make sure not to do it on my lap! LOL!

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