Cracks in a new shotcrete pool

AZWldctFanJune 1, 2012

Hey All -

So the shotcrete went into our pool on Tuesday 5/29/2012. Within a few hours of them finishing, I noticed some hairline cracks in the shotcrete. For the most part they are hairline cracks, but every now and then they thicken to where you could stick a pencil tip in there. Our climate is 100+ degrees every day, so we have been watering the shotcrete down religiously every 2-3 hours between the hours of 7:30 AM and 6:00 PM during the day. However, these cracks were there from the start. I am a little concerned because it seems like it has gotten longer to now it is close to 9 feet in length, although it hasn't noticeably widened. All of the cracks are on one side of the pool, on the bottom, where it is transitioning from 5 feet in depth to 4 feet in depth to the side wall (so there is some curve).


I have talked with both the Pool Builder (who has not come to look at the cracks) and the Shotcrete guy (who did see the cracks when he came to take his sprinkler back), and both of them are saying these cracks happen and that they are 'shrinkage' cracks. Pool Builder says they happen all the time in the summer and he has never seen them cause damage on one of the pools he built. Neither one recommends doing anything special to treat them. Even though the Pool Builder hasn't seen the cracks and gave his opinion that they are shrinkage cracks, he did agree to send the shotcrete guy on Monday to drill out the crack and re-apply a shotcrete mixture. That is scheduled to happen. I just want to do the right thing for the pool and make sure I am getting good information from the people that are working on it. If this process of drilling into the shotcrete to repair the crack is going to cause more damage than good, then I'd like to cancel that before it happens. Then again, I don't want to find out later this crack was deep and there is a leak or for the crack to expand and cause the Pebble Sheen finish to crack later....

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Concrete cracks no matter what you do. The shell is only a liner if you will and is not intended to hold water. It is the Pebble Sheen that will keep the water in place. Not much more i can say seeing that you are a wildcat fan

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Its hot out, they shot the walls and part of the cove first as normal, and the floor last. Floor is usually shot a little wetter. This makes it easier to level, and is why you get so many shrinkage cracks on the floor, and never on the walls, and why that crack is running parallel with the wall.
You can chip down on it a bit and see how deep it is, if it runs all the way through I might have some concearn, if not then wouldnt be too concearned. What they are doing for a fix will make you feel better more then anything else.

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This is why I use fiber mesh in nearly every cubic yard shot on my projects. Structurally it may not make all the difference in the world (odds are you are getting a lifetime shell warranty either way) but it eliminate ANY concern with hairline cracks and avoids these worries/emails/calls every day.

We actually just shot 3 pools last week and one client opted to save the minimal amount of money that fiber costs. My project manager reported that there is no doubt the difference it makes.

I know that doesn't help your current situation.... its hard to say to what extent they will take the crack repair. Judging by a very quick look at your pics, it isn't much to be worried about. Probably 80% of the quick and cheap builders in the Valley here wouldn't address the cracks at all and probably get away with it way beyond you living at that house.

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Natural one,
Havent talked to you in quite a while.

Ditto, we put fiber in every floor standard. Cheap insurance.

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Yeah, how ya been? Isn't this market a blast???!!! :)
I see you on the permit list often, congrats for your biz!

I've always wondered why just the floor? As inexpensive as it is, doesn't it make just as much sense to go every yard?

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