Green walls

ktnyc00June 24, 2012

Just opened up our pool in NY. Have We had green walls part of last season and now, obviously, this season too. I went to the pool store and they sold me a ton of chems last year but it didn't help. This year I took some photos and would really appreciate any thoughts. Can this ever come off?

Thank you.

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Did they check for Phosphates in the water with the foliage I see in the background I would almost bet you have it in your water.If your having a problem keeping your free chlorine level up this is the cause...

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Excessive CYA in the water will tie up your free chlorine (FC) so it can't do it's job. The FC level should be nearly 10% of the CYA level to be effective.

If you would post your chem levels and how they were tested, it will help. Saying the pool store said they were OK is not going to work here, as you can see.


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If you brush does the green come off ?
If so its shock time.

Here is a decent CYA/CL chart.

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