Any pics of stonescapes carribean blue or others?

gypsy_2008June 6, 2008

We need help in picking stonescapes and pebble sheen colors since there are no pools in my area with this surface. We don't want anything too dark or too "fake" blue. Any pics will help!

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Here is a picture of our pool just finished about a month ago. The finish is Pebble-Sheen Blue Granite. We are very happy with it! My first choice was Caribbean Blue but the builder wanted a premium price for the caribbean so we went with the Blue Granite. They are very close in color.

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Ours is Blue Lagoon Pebbetec.

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Ours is Stonescape Tahoe Blue mini which is actually the same as Pebbletec Carribean blue...despite the name and having had Pebbletec Carribean blue last time. ...just a tad lighter than the Stonescape Carribean which is more grey and thus a tiny bit lighter.

If your interested, let me know and I will try and figure out how to get a picture.

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Thanks so much for the photos. I would still like to see Stonescapes carribean blue. It is not the same as the pebble tec/pebble sheen colors, as it is more gray. I don't know if it's too light to get a rich color. The pebble sheen blue granite looks nice, but I think the tahoe blue may be too dark. I would also love to see any pebble sheen slate blue if its out there...Thanks!

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We have Stonescapes mini Midnight Blue. I know you said you don't want too dark, but just thought I'd give you something to compare. It's only been about 4 weeks since it was done and we love, love it.

Here's the pool in full afternoon sun:

And a view of the spa with the spitter going and with more shade:

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Ok full sun....Stonescape Tahoe Blue which is the right thing if you are looking for PebbleTec Carribean Blue. Our Stonescape Tahoe Blue gets darker and blue and less aqua closer to 1/2 sun and dusk.
Stonescape Carribean blue is a shade lighter and has a bit more aqua tones to it.

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What are those round things in your pool?

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Those are some solar disks I made from eBay. I need to make the rest of them but the last couple of days is the first time the pool cooled below 83 so I haven't needed them.

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gyspsy 2008,

Did you ever find any pictures of StoneScapes Caribbean Blue Mini Pebble.
I was looking for examples of this color as well.
Did you install StoneScape mini pebble? Is it to rought on the feet for a play pool?

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Did you find any pics? We need to decide. I am afraid Caribbean blue will have a green tint??? Leaning toward Aqua Cool... any suggestion?

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