Advice on major inground pool renovation

eduardhJune 13, 2010

I would appreciate advice on a major pool renovation that I am starting. I have a 38,000 in ground Sylvan pool (in NJ) that is about 30 years old. The main problem is the poured concrete deck which is in bad shape. It is sinking in sections and badly cracked in others. There are also hollow areas underneath some of the slabs probably from bad drainage around the pool area. I have contacted a number of pool companies for estimates. I am also going to have the pool replastered (I was told that paint applied by prior owner needs to be sandblasted before new plaster can be applied). Finally, I need new coping and tile. I would appreciate any advice on questions to ask to contractors and things to watch out for. One big question is whether I need to have the old deck jackhammered out and repoured. My guess is yes since it is sinking and badly deteriorated, but a pool guy yesterday told me that he could just pour concrete over the surface of the old deck and it would be fine (I assume that he is trying to scam me). Also, what cost range should I expect for the renovation? I know that it will depend somewhat on the materials I choose, but what would be a reasonable range? I very much appreciate your help and insight.


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"(I assume that he is trying to scam )"

It's like building a house on a bad foundation.

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Things we need to know:

Perimeter of the pool.
Depth, shallow and deep.
Bench lengths
Spa? Raised or flush?
If the pool was painted, it's possible that a chip out of the old plaster may be needed and in fact, may be easier, faster, and yield better results than sand blasting. Some paints won't come off with a sand blaster, which makes an awful mess everywhere btw.

. Amount decking in square feet desired or width desired from the pool edge. This is big.

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Hello. We are thinking to renovate our pool which is around 15 years old. We've been advised to resurface the interior with Quartzon or Pebblecrete. Has anyone used either of these interiors in their pools?

We were told to look at Poolsurf & Quartzon design interiors:

Mad Pool Interiors were also reccommended by a friend. Any advice?

Here is a link that might be useful: Poolsurf Interiors

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Sallyd74. Start a new thread with your question. You will get better results compared to hijacking someone else

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