Rooftop Santa and Reindeer Decoration

big_deckDecember 31, 2008

This is probably the wrong place to post this, but this is such a wonderful group that I figured I would give it a shot. Forgive me if I am breaking the rules!

Time to start a project for Christmas 2009 - before the wife can figure out what I am doing.

For years I have wanted to build a Santa, sleigh and reindeer rooftop set. It is a typical too steep to stand on A-Frame type roof, but I can span two dormers or make a sawhorse like support to rest at the apex of the roof.

Sorry, I am not a carpentar so probably have made no sense in what I am calling these things.

1) I have not been able to find a 'pattern' to get me started. Anyone know where a pattern can be obtained?

2) The issue I will face is that we are in a sort of wind-tunnel so I assume I would have to make the sawhorse legs Really long on both sides of the roof?

I have put an image up here so you can see what I am trying to talk about :-)

Feedback appreciated!


Here is a link that might be useful: Rooftop Santa Help!

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There are many if you search for xmas woodworking patterns. Be careful to seal any penerations in the roof!

Here is a link that might be useful: xmas woodworking patterns

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thank you sierraeast - see the perfect pattern I think.

Are they in the UK?

And I have no intention of making any roof perferations - if I did that I would be looking for a large doghouse patternm as that is where I would be living!

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Me too! I just googled christmas woodworking patterns and there seemed to be quite a few. Best of luck and cool you are planning ahead!

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I figure if I keep myself busy over the year it will keep the wife from creating a larger "Honey Do" list and let me teach the 2½ year old granddaughter (that thinks she is a grandson) something new :-) She loves working with me no matter what we are working on.

About 3 months ago she 'helped' me plant a few hundred bulbs and it will interesting to see if any of them grow in the spring.

Beside a 1,940 sf deck project that I am about 60% done on, our Turtle Garden is what she likes the best!

Matter of fact, she is going to name all the unnamed ones this weekend - then it will be up to my tired ass to remember what the names are.

Or if it keeps snowing, we just might work on learning some more Japanese!

Happy New Year everyone!

Here is a link that might be useful: Turtle Garden

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Awesome turtle garden! Quite a few abandoned mines in our area in the mojave desert. They were shut down during ww2 in case the govt needed to work them for the metals. Most are gold mines though! You got quite a helper, best of luck with your new years projects!

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You got to Slow Down take it easy Just Slow Down take it easy You got no place to go. So Funny! J.

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Dear John - Oh, you finally played with "Relax" (that is what the granddaughter calls him)!

Told you it would make a bad day seem not so bad!

Wife hide mine, so I just ordered another :-)

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