protecting patio furniture-need advice

lishaanaDecember 9, 2009

We had a new patio table delivered late in the season. It's composition is described as: "Our tabletops are made of stained glass and a natural cement-like stone blend (similar to a statuary piece)"

We cannot move the table inside for the winter(It is very large(96" x 48") and weighs almost 800lbs.

The weather had been nice up until this week. We hadn't covered it for the winter yet. However, in the last few days we received about an inch or 2 of unexpected snow followed by rain. Once the rain stops, does the table top have to be completely dry before putting the cover on? Should I dry it first?(obviously I will wipe it down as much as possible before covering it) How would I go about doing that if the temp outside is in the 40's.(?hair dryer at low temp?)? I worry about the moisture freezing and causing hairline cracks in the table top (forecast is for freezing temps later this week)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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It should be completely dry if the cover is up against it. But even with 40 degrees, the sun and wind will dry it out soon enough.

Also, you many want to check with the manufacturer to see what they suggest for winter protection. Also, it might not be a bad idea to leave some sort of airgap between the cover and the table surface, such as with a couple pieces of wood or pvc, but again, just check with the mfr.

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I'm guessing if it was made for outdoors that they've tested it for that environment and would warn you otherwise. Of course, you can't count of that.

My mom has a plastic tablecloth for her dining room table and the underlining is a thick flannel type material. It's used under a regular tablecloth, but its purpose is so you can set hot casseroles, etc. on it without damaging wood. Wonder if something like that would work in conjunction with normal patio table cover? Just to help isulate it? I agree you may want to leave an air gap.

Just throwing that out there....

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