OK! What about Red Robin?

glenda_alApril 21, 2013

Never been there, don't have one close to me or I would.

Critique it!

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Huge hamburgers,,,pretty good.....nice variety....kind of expensive I think...unlimited fries, I believe, they are the thick steak fries and I don't really care for them, they taste like frozen to me...great onion rings but an order is way too much for one person but they might sell half order.

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We like Red Robin, but not so much for their burgers. Their fish-n-chips and fish sandwich are VERY good, though. Their burgers are quite tasteless (the burgers themselves), and the toppings don't add much to the flavor of the meat.

I love their fries, and their apps are great - we like the fried mushrooms and the fried jalapenos.

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It's OK. It's not the best place around but OTOH, it's vastly superior to the Five Disappointments. It's a more trendy, upscale diner style variation of a sports bar. They have a varied menu. Most items come with the "bottomless" steak fries and they come HOT and crisp. There's substitution options at varied prices if you want to opt-out on the fries. You can get a variety of sauces if you like to augment them. They also have their "Red Robin Seasoning" (seasoned salt) which is kind of bland to me but I often use a little on some of the fries. I usually ask for the fries unseasoned so I can put on what I want and get the "campfire" sauce (their version of a "fry sauce") that they serve with the onion rings and sometimes BBQ and Ranch and mix them to make my own fry sauce.

The onion rings look great but way too much for one or two people and half an order doesn't seem priced proportionately. I don't mind paying a little more but I think it's too much. Onion rings aren't something to take home and reheat either IMO so I just stick with the fries.

I usually get a burger with either the onion or pretzel bun. Again, the burger arrives HOT, most of the time and the buns are fresh and toasted, not steamed in the foil so you can have lettuce on it and it won't be slimy. It does have a foil wrapper but it's not closed up in it and then put in a bag with a bunch of wet fries to steam away, ala Five D. Lots of topping choices but I often limit it a bit. I've had one of the chicken sandwiches before and I'll probably try the fish next time I go there.

They are friendly toward Celiacs. Can get most items in a lettuce wrap and order the fries without seasoning so they can stay gluten-free.

They have specials at various tims of the year including an Oktoberfest style burger. Bar available. The place has always been impeccably clean when I've been there and the servers are usually very prompt about refilling beverages and clearing off baskets as needed.

Service is usually very good. Noise level is high. It uses the fad of the open, high ceiling and the noises echo. However it does not suffer from the stench like in Five D. Extremely busy at lunch and dinner times but seldom have I ever had to wait long. Parking is adequate. There's coupons and various discounts available at times too. Dined with a friend and we both had a coupon to use and they let us both use them even though it technically was supposed to be a limit of one per table.

I go there occasionally, but not too often. The best way to describe it is consistently good. I don't rate it the best I've ever had but considering how bad some places are, they're a place I definitely patronize occasionally. I've tried several of their offerings but usually get the A1 Peppercorn burger with modifications to my liking. As said I now get the pretzel bun if they have it. They don't always offer it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Red Robin's webpage

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I like Red Robin strawberry lemonade because it has chunks of strawberries in it. Definitely something to enjoy.

I have not had any in years because ours closed--not enough people liked it.

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Not crazy about it.

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we go 2-3 times a year and i always have the


The diner classic��"with a gourmet twist. Our gourmet burger topped with sautéed onions, freshly prepared Thousand Island dressing, and your choice of melty cheese��"American or Swiss are our favorites. Loaded up on marbled rye bread and grilled to melted perfection. $8.99

i think it is really good...:)

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We have one near us and we go there often. We love it. I love the petite cheeseburger and the crispy chicken salad. My DH loves the onion rings and my Dad loves the chicken fingers(Clucks and fries). It is fast food but the service is usually good and we like the casual atmosphere. The Grandchildren are always welcome there too.

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RR isn't good - to me - I prefer McDonalds or Hardees - lots more flavor, imho.

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We like RR, but there's not one around the corner, so we don't get there too often. You really can't compare them to fast food, they're more on par with something like Applebee's, but with an emphasis on burgers (but any sandwich they make with a burger can usually be made with chicken, as well). It's sit-down with servers, so yes, more expensive than fast food, a better atomosphere, as well. Love the fries, drool over the onion rings when they go past the table, but as others have said, it's too huge an order for us. Their burgers are heads and shoulders above those at fast food places, and they have a nice selection of different toppings.

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Toni S

Agree with azzallea. Teens like RR. I like the Bonzi burger.

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We don't have them here either, but did visit one when were were in the D.C. area back around New Year's. They are quite expensive. But, the fries were unlimited. And we thought they, and the various sandwiches we all had, were delicious! The wait staff was a delight. Very attentive. We felt like we got our money's worth and would definitely go back again!

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We do have one and I've been there a couple of times....I think it is expensive but you do get big burgers and those endless fries....I've gone with a friend and we usually split the burger and a salad.....I don't think it's anything I'd go out of my way for.......

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Glenda, there is one in Trussville at the Pinacle. We ate there once. I didn't have a burger but Wayne did and said it was good. I wasn't very hungry so I had an appetizer that was also good.

I would go back but I just don't ever think about it.

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I agree with you lindalou....the patty melt is good! I like their 1,000 Island. They must make it will dill relish; I've always used sweet.
I'm surprised people think they're expensive; $8.99 for a big burger & endless fries (what they serve the 1st time around is always plenty for me!)....doesn't seem pricey to me.
MUCH better than spending $6.00 on stuff from McDonalds (honestly, I haven't been to one in years, I have no clue how much a burger & fries & drink are there now).

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I didn't know if we had them or not, but did a search, and there are six locations around Houston...one on the way to where I go to the dentist. I am not crazy about hamburgers eaten out...but I love onion rings, and I might stop by and try their onion rings.

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We don't have many restaurants in our small area, but we have two red Robins. for that reason, they annoy me. lol!
chains to me are gross...re heated cardboard food.

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When you sit down at RR you can ask them to bring out some fries first if you are going to be ordering them with a sandwich anyhow and you won't be charged any extra for them.. kind of a free appetizer (my DD taught me that!). The burgers are large and although not the best I've had, they are good. If you want to split one with a friend they will cut it in half and put each in it's own basket with plenty of fries for everyone. No extra charge.

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I do consider it kind of spendy. Maybe you can just order a basic burger with no drink, pay no tax and stiff them on a tip to get out of there for $8.99, but when we've gone there, it's about $15 each by the time we leave. It's usually $9-$10 for a sandwich (and yes the fries are included but it's more if you go for the options), then add $2.25-$2.50 (I don't recall the price offhand but most anyplace now is in that range) for a drink, plus we have sales taxes in this state and then generally leave between $2.50-$3 for a tip. If you're going to have alcoholic drinks with it, it's that much more. Kind of hard to talk McDonalds prices at that. I don't consider McDonalds to be cheap but a couple McDoubles, a small fry sets you back $3 plus tax, and I always drink water since they don't have a beverage besides coffee that I like but adding $1 for any size most any drink will make it include a beverage for the sake of discussion.. Now if you go for the high priced stuff you'll pay more. I don't consider the food comparable, nor the service so comparing them is apples and charcoal briquettes.

I was wondering about splitting an order, as to what they do about fries. Sounds pretty generous of them to let you do that. Not quite sure how I feel about doing that though. But if they say it's OK and you want to, then hey, take the deal.

One other thing I forgot to mention is for Celiacs - they have a dedicated fryer for the fries so there isn't a cross-contamination issue like many other places. My sister likes going there because they've always been understanding and taken extra care with her orders and the place has an excellent reputation that way with the others she's talked to about it.

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None near me (Long Island NY).

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