6 Hour Quilt

juttzFebruary 14, 2010

I have made this type of quilt quite a few years ago when I took a class... I was wondering if anybody has made this type of quilt and how they liked it..The one I made was a queen size that I gave to my mom who gave it back to me a year before she died...I cherish it and being that it was made out of chintz fabric, it is a very nice soft quilt..I am going to be making another one but you cant find chintz anymore...I wish I still had the pattern that I used when I took the class since the one from Eleanor Burns site is a bit harder to follow....Judy

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Are you thinking of Kaye Wood's pattern? Link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: 6 hour quilt

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Oooops, I meant Kaye Woods... must be a senior moment...lolol...I see the pattern is for sale which was free for a very long time...I dont even remember where I downloaded the pattern...Judy

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Probably here. But you're mistaken about the pattern ever being free. Kaye Wood never posted that pattern for free. She publishes the pattern, and expects to make a reasonable profit from her efforts.

Lots of people were making this pattern available on this and other forums, and Spike (former GW owner) was presented with a "Cease and Desist" order.

It was only a $4 or $5 pattern at the time, but you should have seen the whining going on! Several people were permanantely banned when they continued to arrange to give away copies of the pattern.

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Going by looking at the picture, it appears to be one giant log cabin block. Instead of starting with a square, you would start with a strip.


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I agree. Why would you need a pattern? Looks simple to me. But, I agree with Mary that sharing patterns is not done.

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Rebecca, the concept of the pattern is to take each strip and sandwich it, then piece it to the next..Im not sure how my teacher got the pattern and if she was distributing the pattern to all of the class members, I would think that would have been something she shouldnt have done..the class was at our local sewing machine sales shop... and Im really not sure if I got the pattern from here...I would just like to know if anybody else has made this quilt and what was their opinion on it...Judy

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Teachers buy a license to teach the pattern to a certain number of classes, and are allowed to distribute the pattern to the class members.

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Ah,I see, like a quilt as you go technique?

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I made this as a baby quilt. I was new to using a serger so sometimes I had to go back over a seam. I used bright colors and I like the way it came out.


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People may have received the pattern free, possibly at one of the charity quilting events Kaye Woods sponsored where people were encouraged to stop by for a few minutes or hours, whatever they could manage, and either cut strips or stitch seams. In addition to the 6-hour quilt book, I know the pattern is included in at least one of Kaye Woods other books. (My quilting books are currently in storage, so I cannot tell you which other book it is in.)

In any case, if you've made this quilt before, then the purchased version is mostly helpful to have the measurements all calculated for you. You could calculate these yourself if you draw the quilt out.

The quilt is constructed more as a Courthouse Steps pattern than log cabin. You attach strips to each side of the center panel, then attach strips to top and bottom. Then you do it again 2 or 3 more times, adding new strips onto the the prior strips to complete your quilt. You can make the quilt larger either by adding more "rounds" of strips or by making the strips larger. The panels are attached by placing a new strip right side together on top and another new strip right side together on the bottom, placing a strip of batting on the wrong side of the new strip, so it is on the outside of the new sandwich, either top or bottom. Match all edges and stitch (the original pattern is serged). The original pattern simply indicated to serge the outside edges of the quilt to finish, however, I prefer to bind mine.

I have made this quilt several times. I have made baby quilts, and one of my very first quilts was based on the 6-hour quilt, though I made the center panel and strips wider and longer to make an adult-sized charity quilt out of soft denims.

Good luck and have fun.

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My quilt group made about 22 of these quilts for the local nursing home to be used as lap robes. We worked in an assembly line and had a great time. We used a heavy fabric and didn't add any batting.

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The book was in a box that had not yet gone to storage!! The pattern for the 6-hour quilt is in the book, "Strip Quilting Projects" (KWB6) and was originally called "Reversible Crib Quilt." (It was Project 5 in the "Strip Quilting" series as shown on PBS-TV.) The book's copyright is 1989.

There is a copy of the book on sale at ebay right now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kaye Wood's Strip Quilting Projects

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Wow! I am taking a Kaye Woods Class next month. grace

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I used too heavy batting in this quilt & the seams were way
too thick, too thick for a baby & I gave it to my doggy!
It was a long time ago but I didn't enjoy the process.
At the time I thought it would be great for charity quilts.

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I was asked to share a photo of the quilt. I didn't really take this picture to show the construction, but I think you can pick out the seams well enough to know how it goes. Assemble like a courthouse steps quilt, though using a rectangle as the starting, center block instead of a square. To avoid some confusion, this is hand quilted in a straight line down the middle of each strip, the only seams are to connect the strips.

From [Val's Public Photos](http://picasaweb.google.com/empress223/ValSPublicPhotos?feat=embedwebsite)
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Hi all, I sent for the book for the 6 hour quilts years ago and made all my grandchildren one. Since then I have 3 more grandchildren and I brought the material to make those. Good directions in the book and quilts came out nice.

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Hi Judy! Long time no see. I've never made one of these quilts......just wanted to say hi.


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