IKEA Drawer Fronts & Hardware Placement

aloha2009March 1, 2014

I'm trying to move forward on my kitchen material choices and it's going s-l-o-w.

I am still considering IKEA because I just love the frameless cabinets. I'm not in love with any of their drawers but some are acceptable - partly.

I like the Ramsjo, but I do not like how I always seem to see where the handle placement is for the bottom 2 drawer- top part of drawer. If I can't install the handles in the middle like I usually see on other cabinet lines, I probably won't do IKEA cabinets.

My DH said that we can place a strip of wood across the back distributing the load of the pulling action across the cabinets instead of just where the screws go. It sounds like it would work, but I don't want to have any surprises down the line, and then my cabinet door has been discontinued.

Has anyone managed to place the drawer handles in the middle of the bottom 2 drawers? Any problems. Pics of hack?

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You can install the handles where you please. The holes are not pre-drilled for handles and knobs so placement is up to you. I have 36" and 30" base drawers. Don't see a problem with a center mount though the size of the handle should be taken into consideration if only using one. The drawers glide so smoothly. I'm in the middle of an Ikea install and love them so far. I've got Lidingo around my perimeter and Ramsjo for my island. Ramsjo is a good choice.

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I'm concerned that the wood in the middle is too thin to take the pressure there would be at the points of where the screws are attached. I think that is why handles on IKEA cabinet drawers are on the top portion and not in the middle. Most other cabinet lines have the thickness of the drawer and then there is a piece of wood to the drawer itself which distributes the load. Where did you put your handles?

That said, I would think there is a work around to all this, but it would be nice to see what others have done.

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Yes, if you look at ikea's inspiration kitchens the handles are always on the top rail instead of in the middle. Over at ikeafans they seem to say that if you want centered handles you should put something behind to shore up the handle area.

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I just checked a Ramsjo door and the center is thinner. The Lindigo is as thick in the center as the top. All my drawers are Lldingo and I've not installed handles yet. I don't think I'd want something behind for support. Have you considered Semi-handmade fronts?

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Well, it's not a big deal to put a little shim material or something like that behind the handle area of the panel to reinforce it a bit.

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