Are you quilting this weekend? Feb. 8-10

lindaoh_gwFebruary 8, 2013

Last Friday we went to Columbus to visit DD. DS and his family came up to C-bus for the weekend too. We enjoyed playing with our grandson. He is 10 months and a very busy baby!
I did not sew at all this week until yesterday. I made a block in the new "Hello Moon" BOM. Today I am cutting out blocks for the Relay for Life quilt that will be made by my small quilt group.
Are you quilting this weekend?
Linda OH

P.S. To everyone in the path of the blizzard hitting the NE, stay warm and quilt!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hello Moon BOM

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I don't know that I'll be actually sewing, but I will be writing block instructions, making copies, and stuffing envelopes to get ready to distribute block kits at Monday's meeting.

I may make a sample or two, we'll see.

Stay safe & warm... Kind of wish a little of that snow would come our way!

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I am cleaning the kitchen now then going to do a bit of organizing in my quilt cupboard. We have a snow day today...even DH is home. It started to snow yesterday afternoon but by evening had stopped. We were thinking it would be another non-event but the snow started again about 5 am and we have about 13" so far. Not sure when it is supposed to let up but I am happy to stay in and play with fabric.


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Glad the snow went your way Mary! Told to prepare for a major storm but it skirted north and while we have about 5 in. or so, not what it could have been.
As for sewing...I had as my Feb. goal to start GS's wedding quilt. I bit the bullet yesterday and started cutting for a couple of blocks to see how it would go. I DO NOT LIKE IT!! Simple enough pattern but it is not to my liking. So it will be changing my plan, finding a better pattern and starting all over. Sure glad they haven't set a date in the immediate future. I just wanted to get it started!!

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Probably not. :( We are having family over on Sunday so the house needs cleaning. I also have a mountain of post-quilt-show guild work to do. Maybe Tuesday evening I can get some sewing time in!


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Hope to finish two pp blocks from the Fresh Lemons page; I'm a real fan of her style at this to finish something. That may be all I have time for this weekend.

like Jen... kinda wish a bit of the white stuff would come my way...can't take just cold and gray.

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I'm sewing, but not quilting (yet!). I have an order to embroider 12 baseball caps, and since I've not embroidered caps before, I'm stressing over the details!!

I am going to hit up the sale at JoAnn's tomorrow.


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I have been getting a little done everyday on DDs Silent Auction quilt. I'm doing very tiny loops in the white areas so the pinwheels will pop out. I have done about a 6 inch strip the length of the quilt (67 inches) and am half way through the 5th bobbin. It is gonna look nice though.


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I hope to quilt later today or tomorrow. But this moring heading out for the Shop Hop held by the quilt shops in my area. My quilting buddy will be joining me. Gotta run!

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I'll do a little applique at my "job" this morning and then I'm off for a short road trip which will include delivering a top to a shop for the long arm quilting. So, I guess you could say I'm doing more shopping than sewing. I Love seeing new quilt shops.

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I have been doing some straight-line quilting on Katie's quilt....very slowly, but it's getting done a little bit at a time. I need to do something in the border, but I'm not sure what I can handle....might get out the blue painter's tape and just go for it! Would like to get it to that point this weekend. Might talk DD into doing some handwork on it.

Wow, Beverly! You're going through a lot of thread!


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If quilt shows don't count, no. But I sure had fun admiring everyone else's quilting and garment creation at the Folsom Show yesterday.

They also have lunch catered by one of my favorite restaurants!

I carried my own bag for loot, but weirdly enough, didn't buy anything from the vendors. Too much spending lately at LQSs.

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We've been snowed in today up here in NH I made a curtain for a fellow teacher's classroom window yesterday. (We have an interior window in our classrooms looking into the hallway). Have a few other odds and ends going. We were both home from school yesterday so I keep thinking it's a Sunday! We will deal with our 24 inches of snow tomorrow.

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No quilting for me, but we tried on DD#1's wedding dress and I have to sew two darts in the bodice and hem up the dress so that will be my sewing for the week. She decided 2 weeks ago to get married now rather than in Aug. so two weeks from today she will be married. It has put everything on the fast-track!

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And I'm having withdrawal symptoms, LOL. My Pfaff needed servicing - just general stuff, and it would be back in a week. Well, the tech broke his arm before getting to mine.
Poop! He's to be back at work on Monday, and mine is at the top of the list.

I didn't have anything ready for the long-arm. Poor planning on my part, LOL.

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Actually, haven't touched my quilt in several days purposely. I did the top and basic quilting in less than two weeks, and just finishing up the hand sewing now and just got and I'm so near to being finished. I have just decided that I'm not going to do stuff when I don't really want to. LOL. I know if I stay away from it for a few days, the lust shall come back. Until then, been getting a lot of other stuff done including working in a ninety degree greenhouse today since the sun popped out. Oh boy the smell of warm peat moss and plants.

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Karlene, good luck with the wedding! My boss had to plan her daughter's wedding in about a month...they (daughter and hubby) work for a traveling Disney dance troupe and wanted to get married before they set out on a long international tour. Of course, everything was beautiful, as I'm sure yours will be!


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I'm working on UFO's. Finishing the binding on the Quilt of Valor quilt and finally assembling the blocks for my dreams of spring friendship quilt. ( started about 2 or 3 years ago).

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I think I'll be clearing snow most of the day, although it's still pretty windy so may put it off for awhile. I'd rather stay in and play with my new machine. Did some piecing on my Victoria quilt top with it yesterday. It's just a scrappy top, but I'm thinking I might add white or beige sashings to break the colour up some.

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Mary, I hope that you get your machine back quickly!

I looks like not many people quilted this weekend... I didn't either. I worked and recovered from working and that was about it...

This morning, I had a neighbor bang on my door at the crack of noon (which is equivalent to 5 AM to most people because I work my second job until 3 AM)... I threw on some clothes upside down and inside out and groggily answered the door, hair a mess, sleepy seeds in my eyes, and creases from the pillow case running down my face, to see what she wanted... fearing that she was going to tell me that something was wrong with my car or something (the last time she knocked on the door, my best friend had left the car in neutral and it was in the middle of the parking lot!). She said there was a vacuum in the trash that I should go look at. It was a relatively rare model, one with dual, counter-rotating brushes, but the housing is all cracked and it is dirty, so I'm not sure about investing time, energy, and money into it.

I came so close to buying a vintage sewing machine at a thrift store yesterday! It was a vintage Singer Futura from 1974, the first electrinic machine ever made. It didn't come with any accessories, but it was so cool looking and truly a piece of history. Slant shank, two speeds, and magic bobbin that winds right in the bobbin case! I decided against it as that was 22 more dollars I can save for a Viking or Bernina combo machine, but it was tough to walk away from.

Has anyone had any experience with the 'Slice' fabric cutter? Apparently it can cut out applique shapes. I'd buy it if I thought it could cut squares, but I don't know. Saw a video of it on Youtube last night and thought it looked like fun. Here's a link if anyone is curious.

Here is a link that might be useful: Slice

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I waiting to post because I was planning on finishing DD's quilt and I wanted the "Ta Da" moment with pictures. But last night the needle broke while I was doing the binding. It's a newish machine and I hadn't changed the needle before. Which, of course, is no biggie. But it came with a selection of needles and I wasn't sure what the difference was and I couldn't read the numbers on the needles without a magnifying glass, which was downstairs, so I gave up. (I need to quit procrastinating about going to the optometrist.) And then today on the run all day. So, yes, I did sew, but no I didn't finish the quilt AGAIN.

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No quilting for me this weekend either. We flew to Arizona to surprise my mom for her 85th birthday - and pulled it off. We have been busy getting together with friends and family. I may try to cut out a quilt for her tomorrow & Tuesday before we head back to Colorado. She has already pieced the ones I cut for her over Christmas!

Our DS hasn't set a date for his wedding yet - but I think I have until the end of November to make a quilt for them. Still haven't decided the pattern but have a couple ideas. Will look for fabric when I get back to Colorado.

It sounds like everyone is busy. Try to stay warm and out of the snow!

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LOL, Bobby, it sounds like you will soon have a sewing machine collection next to your vacuum collection! It seems like your neighbor could have just snagged the vac out of the trash and given it to you at a better time.

Didn't sew a stitch this weekend...spent Saturday doing laundry, cleaning house and prepping for having family over on Sunday. Sunday we had DH's sister, BIL, dad & step-mom, plus I collected my mom from the nursing center. We were celebrating sister's BD. We had great lunch and great visiting!

Tonight I have guild meetings, but maybe tomorrow I can visit the sewing room again!


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