Help choosing end tables

teach333April 6, 2014

Hello! I am looking for advice on square vs round end tables for my living room. I am getting them built so any design would be possible. I am also getting a sofa table built to go behind my sofa. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Here is a side view

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I love the furniture on the ceiling thing!

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As for end tables...I might do one round and one square so the aren't so matchy matchy. You could also have a little variation in style.

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round. that middle gig is awful big - and totally square. I don't think you need any more tables in there ;)

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Thanks for your suggestions. You are right. I will put a round table between the couch and love seat and none on the other side of the couch. Any ideas of something that would look nice there instead of a table. I am afraid it will look too bare I will be putting two lamps on the sofa table.

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Statuary. I have a dog that was a garden thinngie and I decided I wanted to put it inside. I put it at the end of the sofa.

I change things around, so I will take it out this weekend and replace with a bunny there. My bunny is muted washes of sages and grayed whites, and he has a plate in his hand. I can place a small basket of colored eggs, a drink and a snack or a small bouquet of flowers.

I also have a garden stool that I like to use in summer, which is round.

I, too, have a sectional but my cocktail table is quite different from yours so I understand that might make a difference as far as balancing weight. My cocktail table is 36 x 36 and wrought iron with wide wood plank top, but very open and airy on bottom.

If you have lots of coffee table books, you could stack them into a table of sorts and if you no longer wanted to read them, just place a piece of glass atop them to create tabletop.

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I think two rounds will be great to soften the straight lines in the room. I hope this is not rude, but have you considered an area rug to soften the area? It would look great!

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I have been looking for an area rug, but am having trouble choosing a colour. We built the house last year and I am having trouble finishing off the living room. It looks very bare to me as well! If anyone has suggestions, I would love them.

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I'd but another table there. I think you want surface area at all seating places so that people have convenient places to set drinks, books, eyeglasses, whatever.

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Here is an area rug on overstock. It is pretty taste specific but I can really see it in your space!

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