Over Budget, Bleeding Continues

ladyjdDecember 2, 2013

Our contractor has about doubled the costs he estimated to construct a deck. Before realizing how much we would be charged, my husband asked to have a sliding door from our bedroom to the deck replaced. On deciding to call off the remainder of the project, we told our contractor we didn't want the door at this time. A day or two later, the contractor said he'd ordered the door from Anderson and it was too late to call it off. This means that we would be responsible for the cost of the door and the associated costs to install it (which would include the costs of redoing the wall, since the replacement will be shorter and less wide than the old Peachtree unit. Any suggestions on how to proceed? Is it really true that this door can't be returned somehow? It's a standard two window slider, nothing custom. Thanks for your help.

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Just because he ordered the door doesn't mean you have to install it. I would call the company/store he ordered from and discuss canceling the order and also ask if they accept returns. Not being custom may be to your advantage.
If it were the contractors error in ordering the door, he would have to accept the cost and would most likely end up using the door on another project.
Since you did request the door, then changed the direction of the project, you could hold on to the door until you eventually finish the project or just list it on Craigslist and sell it.

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I agree with annz: call the supplier directly. Worst case, since it's not custom, they may have a 15% restocking fee or something. But no one says if you buy it you have to install it. You'd probably need to discount it by about 50% to sell it on CL.

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Did you sign a change order?

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