Garapa + Snow/Ice

doogan123December 9, 2009

Hi all

So i finished my Garapa porch in September - Cleaned it off with woodrich citralic and stained with woodrich stain - looks fantastic.

My question is for the snow and Ice - I have steps and a small portion under my portaco that will be hit - how can i maintain it ( within reason)

Can I put any type of salt alternatative on it for snow melt?

Will shovelling destroy the wood?

what do you guys typically do to?


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Do not put rock salt,or an alternatative, on a Garapa project.For a lot of reasons a couple being 1 chem ,salt, geting into the surface checks 2 coated fasteners would start to go quickly even high grade ss screws will not put up with exposure to rock salt,chem, for long.

A snow shovel will leave scrapes gouges in the decking. J.

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Get a big push broom with really stiff bristles. That should take care of the snow. For ice... I don't know. When I go skiing up in the Sierras all the lodges have mats over the outside stairs and decks that provide traction even when covered with ice. I've seen some made of rubber with holes- those would be good for your Garapa deck.

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