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starthomeFebruary 10, 2012

I just saw a video about using spray basting instead of pins to hold your quilt together. This seems like it would be a great time saver. I have never heard of this. Is this a well known technique? Does it work well?

The videos I watched- free motion quilting beginner tutorial #1 and #2

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Some people here have used it and like it but I had a bad experience when I tried it. The backing ended up wrinkled. I think I'll stick with pins.


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In my experience, it works really well for small wall hangings, but I've never trusted it by itself to work for large quilts. I always pinned as well as sprayed. And if I'm going to pin, why use the spray?

I've also had problems with wrinkled backing on larger quilts.

The spray can be useful for other things though, like placing applique pieces, etc.

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I agree - it's okay for small projects. I've never tried it on a big quilt but have had enough issues with smaller projects to not try a big one.

If you decide to use it - GO OUTSIDE! :) If you use it indoors, in addition to filling your house with nasty fumes you will get your floor or carpet sticky, and it's really hard to get rid of.


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I am very thankful for this thread!

I have taken an online course that recommends using spray basting, and I was eager to try it. But after hearing the above experiences, I am very cautious to try it. I am used to pins anyway, so why change what works well?


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I used the 505 for the first time today. I used it in my husband's workroom on a card table covered with newspaper for my potholders. It is working just fine. No puckering anywhere. Four down, two more to go. I will definitely try this on larger items.

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My experience was with a queen size quilt. Never again. However I would try it on a small wallhanging or potholder. Maybe. Outside!

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I have used it on different projects. The first was a Q size quilt. That I hand quilted. I was careful to tape the back tight and that and didn't have wrinkles. I didn't spray it on the batt with that one because I failed to read the directions but it worked. I also used a few pins. I have used it on several sm. projects that were machine quilted. Also augmented with pins.
I just did a UFO that I am giving to a GGS but couldn't tape it down and used the top of my bed to put it together. Not good. I redid it twice and it still has wrinkles that I am living with.
All said: I think it is great for small items that can be secured well. Areas need to be well protected from the spray. I use a lg. pc. of plastic sheeting.

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I used this yesterday to wrap some batting around a big foam oddly shaped sofa cushion that I was recovering. Too windy and cold outside - so sprayed it in the basement with the door open ~~ stinky & sticky! I used it sparingly & I thought it was nasty! It transferred onto my good large scissors. I used the June Tailor Spray Baste. I will never - ever use it on a quilt. I found it icky!

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Sorry spraybasing is not working for so many of you.

I'm weighing in on the positive side. I use it on all my quilts, except baby quilts. I do such little quilting now, but I do get help from DH on the large quilts. I tape down the backing on the floor, lay the batt and align the top to make sure it all fits and is in alignment. I then remove the quilt top, roll back one third of the batt and lighty spray and gently place batt back in place. I then fold back 2/3 of batt and spray mid area backing 1/3 and gently place that batt. Next, I do the last 1/3. Then my assistant comes in and we do the same with the top...1/3 at a time. Trick is placing the top, not pulling or distorting. It can be lifted a little and then replaced. Help is a big plus for large quilts! I do place pins in the top a bit here and there. Then I roll it gently and lift it on to the machine and stitch the inner border and that seems to work for me. Next is stitching across the mid section and that will allow me to MQ the four areas as time permits and shoulder permits. Even if it takes me days to rests and go at it again.

I know I shouldn't spray indoors, but I do so lightly and in FL things are pretty much open aroung this house.

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