screwing down new deck planks

sharpstickDecember 6, 2013

I'm replacing old dry rotted deck planks. The old frame looks intact under the top quarter inch, so I am using slightly longer deck screws.
The new PT deck planks are heavy with the PT chemicals and I've already bought the first trailerload and they are airing out to dry a bit. Is it okay to screw them down immediately, or do they need to dry out more? I would like to install the rest as soon as I bring them home.
When can I coat them with deck finish? And what kind? The last batch was painted with supposedly premium deck stain which didn't last at all. I plan to use an opaque finish this time to make them last longer.

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The screws will go in much easier when the boards are wet than dry, just butt them tight when laying them.

An opaque finish means semi-solid stain, a mistake on a deck floor imo. I would suggest TWP rustic for a treated pine deck.

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By "rustic", are you referring to the color? TWP has several products, 100 and 1500 both have a rustic color. I can't find much information on the differences between their products, (except the price).

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